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Pros and Cons of Using a Template for Your Medical Website

If your medical office is currently without a website, or your existing online presence is dated and lacks relevance, it is time for you to consider designing a site that you can use to promote your practice. You might not have the time to pour a lot of effort into this, or you might not have the budget to farm the job out to the experts. Thankfully, there are options available to you to get your site up online in no time at all and have it be effective at drawing in new prospective patients. Many medical offices today are considering the use of a website template specifically designed for the medical industry. If that is you, consider the pros and cons of using a template for your medical website to help guide your decision.

Con #1 – Your Site Might Look Just Like the Office Down the Street

While templates might look great, they are not always as unique as you would like them to be. Many companies that sell templates will only make so many available to the public, so the chances are slim that the office down the street will have the same design. At the same time, some companies will sell as many of the same templates as the market demands. If it is an exceptionally well done and popular template, the chances are much better that you will look just like others are on the Internet. This could look strange to a visitor who is searching the area for a new medical facility to try.

Con #2 – Your Content Might not be Unique Enough for SEO

One of the reasons that people use templates is that they are relatively easy to get up and running. This is because much of the content is already developed for you. Some templates designed for medical office websites might have content feeds that are regularly updated. This is an excellent feature because it gives your readers something new to see with every few visits. At the same time, those same feeds will be appearing on other similarly placed websites that are making use of the same template. Because of this, the content will not be as unique as it needs to be to make a strong impression on the search engines of the world. Your ranking could suffer as a result.

Pro #1 – There Are Some Great Looking Templates Out There

One of the many advantages of a medical office website template is that there are some out there today that really shine. The design capability that went into some template could never really be replicated by the novice website developer. This is a way to get a looking website up online that you can really be proud of. The visual nature of some templates alone will capture the interest of visitors to your website in a way that is likely to encourage them to stick around for a while. In addition, the features that are included in some templates are effective as well. With appointment setting capability built in, along with chat and content rich features being available, many medical offices simply feel that they cannot go wrong with selecting a quality website template for their online needs.

Pro #2 – Time and Expense Requirements Are Minimal

One other advantage of a medical office website template worth mentioning is related to time and money. If you are just starting out in your own medical practice, the prospect of spending thousands of dollars to develop your own website from scratch might not be all that appealing to you. In addition, the time required to do so is worth mentioning. Your goal should be to get a website published online as quickly as possible so that it can work to your for you, for a little up front investment as possible. A template accomplishes both of these objectives. You can get a great looking template that represents your practice and can be personalized to meet the needs of your specific medical office. You can do this for a fraction of the expense of hiring an outside company to do the work for you.

If you like the pros of using a website template but don’t like the cons, an alternative is to hire a low-cost medical website design company such as Solution21. The trick is to check their portfolio first and have a clear idea of what kind of design you are more interested in. If you go for a website similar to the ones they have already designed for other clients, you can get a better deal because you essentially go for semi-customized website instead of a fully-customized one.

These are some advantages and disadvantages that you will want to keep in mind as you consider the approach to take to your next medical office website. The key is to what you feel is best for your practice and your situation. Once you decide which direction you would like to take, jump in and make the site as effective and professional looking as possible. Time is of the essence, as there are people in your area today searching for a new doctor. Will they find you?