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Marketing Trends That You Must Try In 2017 for Your Business Success

Marketing is one thing that nearly all businesses need to conquer in the right way. A strategy to tackle this part of your venture is essential for success, but with so many different angles to take what would prove to be triumphant for you? With many different trends coming and going we thought it would be wise to share with you some of the latest trends that are worthy of a try for you and your business this year.

Network, network, network

Networking at events and learning new insights is a great way to communicate fresh marketing ideas. London marketing conferences can be some of the world’s leading events to attend, and provides opportunities to network with like-minded people in similar industries or different.

Being the local hero

More and more consumers now want to stick with local suppliers and support businesses within their community, which is where marketing for this direction could prove lucrative. It’s essential to become the local expert in your industry, and within the community be the business that can supply. This generates a great advertising opportunity that shouldn’t cost you too much, because it is word of mouth. People will then talk and communicate and if your business could prove useful, then they will communicate it.

You may also want to consider being involved in your local community, such as sponsoring local events and even associating your business with a charity. They all provide excellent advertising opportunities, while benefiting both parties involved.

Have a social media strategy and stick to it

Social media is a marketing strategy that won’t be going away anytime soon. With the launch of new and exciting platforms to get involved in, there are now many different ways you can engage with your consumers and clients. However, if you don’t have a solid strategy in place for social media you will fail at the first hurdle. You need to develop your brand voice, and stick with a regular schedule of uploads. This might be video content for Facebook or Youtube, benefiting from Instagram and the new leading feature of their stories option, or just focusing on the visual aspect and ensuring the photographs you use are high quality.

Influencer marketing

It’s all well and good having a good social following, but sometimes endorsements for your business and products is exactly what you need. There are many people that have become influencers in the digital world. A lot of people prefer recommendations and opinions of people they consider as real, just like them, which is why influencer marketing through social media is on the rise.

Mobile friendly website and content

The world is mobile, there is no hiding from that fact. More and more site traffic is coming from mobile devices, which now makes it more important than ever to ensure that your website and social media engagement is “mobile-friendly.” This means making sure your website fits with a mobile device, which can easily be amended through your website devlopment.

Short-lived content or live streaming

Finally, using short-lived content platforms like snapchat can be a great way to boost your business credibility and make you appealing to the masses. It enables you to engage with your audience, equally similar to live streaming. A live feed on your Facebook or Youtube channel ensures to the customer that what you are providing is real and unprepared. Making it real, honest and relatable content. All aspects people are looking for when they want to associate with an individual or business.

I hope these marketing strategies help you build on your success.