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The Importance of Social Media to Your Startup

social media came out of nowhere 15 years ago to take the world by storm. Now it is dominating all around the world. There is no escape. As the creator of a startup, you either need to embrace social media or get passed by the competition. You may not be someone who is very interested in social media. You might not have a single social media account. However, you must make yourself familiar with all of the most popular social media platforms. Failure to do this will only hurt the tech startup that you are trying to launch. Here are some of the primary reasons why social media will play a pivotal role in determining if your startup is a success.

1.  Creating social media accounts will not cost you anything.

Social media is basically a totally free way of advertising your new startup business. Most startups have a very limited amount of cash to use for advertising. This means that you need to get creative with the ways that you choose to market your site to the masses. You should always take advantage of any opportunity to promote your new startup for free. Social media is one of the most ideal ways to do this because so many people are using it. This means there is a good chance that you will be able to reach many people who are in your target demographic.

2. You will be able to communicate directly with your customers.

You can bet that companies many years ago would have loved to get direct feedback from their customers. It would have saved them the trouble of putting together focus groups to determine consumer buying habits. However, social media gives you the opportunity to talk directly to people who have just bought one of your products. You can find out what they like about it or how they would go about improving it. You can then tailor your next line of products to the specific demands of your customers. You can also get the public’s opinions about the design of your site. Is it easy for them to navigate? Is the website shopping cart working correctly? Pay close attention to what consumers tell you and use this info to make your business more popular.

3. You will be able to gauge the interest in your products in foreign countries.

Social media is used in pretty much any country around the world. This will allow you to talk to people who live in other countries that you want to do business in eventually. Show some of these people your products and see if there is any interest in what you are trying to sell. You will find that the interest is stronger in certain countries. Your goal should be to determine where your products will sell the most. Then you can begin the process of exporting your product to foreign countries and growing your brand around the world.