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When it comes to shopping online, we have several marketplaces or e-commerce stores we can trust, but when it comes to selling a used device, a service or products, it gets complex more you know about it.

To tackle this problem, has launched a simplified free online marketplace, where anyone can practically sell anything as fast as signing up for an email. Review

Initial impression of this fast loading shopping website was quite impressive. I could browse through the number of artistic products, gadgets, apparels, services, real estate and even rentals from across the world.

The unique ‘Chat & Buy’ model lets you communicate with the sellers for price or payment methods or any other queries you might have. You can pay using COD, Paypal or EZcoins, the super easy to use currency by this marketplace, making international transactions exchange rate free, and easy to understand.

Using my facebook account you can sign up almost within 10 seconds, or you can choose to sign up with your email account. Instantly, you get your Ezebee page is ready, which is your virtual store online within no time.

It has never been easier to a create free online shop online. And trust me, I have used eBay, Amazon, Flipkart and every other possible online marketplace, and paperwork as well approvals involved are quite tedious for a newcomer.

You can create new offers with details like product name, description, price, category, and even target users by demographics like gender, usage, age, reach or offer preferences. This easy demographic targeting makes it easier for buyers to find right products, and sellers to reach target customers. So great innovation made by, that can be an industry changing feature for marketplace models.

Apart from adding your product manually you can import collections from other marketplaces like AirBnB or Etsy, and get connected with additional global buyers using platform.

For buyers as well this is a unique experience. Having convenience to communicate with the seller directly develops immense confidence in the buying process. You can create collections of your favorite products, and share it with the rest of buyers to browse. You can even save pins quickly using the official chrome extension available here.

The EZBcoins and e-Wallet are also quite easy to access all time and make your international shopping hassle-free. The blog helps users to learn easily about trends in selling online, marketing terms like SEO, SEM and other technicalities. This makes newcomer sellers to get educated in a simple wasy, and understand the technical process of becoming a better seller online.


Individuals who are looking to sell old stuff, a seasoned businessman trying to sell multiple products online, artist sharing uniquely crafted products,  or even for freelancers to sell services, enables a one of kind online marketplace for free to all of us. The intuitive user experience created with a material design is practical on both desktop and web based apps. With well thought out buying and selling features, is a marketplace that stands out with the ease it offers to sellers online.

With well thought out buying and selling features, is a futuristic free online marketplace, and super quick to buy or sell online.