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What is Cloud Hosting and How does it work?

The Internet has evolved rapidly over the last decade. This has allowed an increase in technical advancements that have boosted internet speeds and has caused server costs to dip. You have probably heard about hosting files ‘on the cloud’ by now. A handful of hosting companies offer cloud hosting solutions today’. The buzz around this topic would have led you to question – What is Cloud hosting?

Understanding Cloud Hosting

The number of Cloud Hosting service providers is crawling up. While, many are not aware about the meaning of Cloud hosting. This is a hosting type that utilizes the resources of more than one web server. By this concept, your website runs on the virtual resources of these servers. This helps share the workload of tasks resulting in load balancing. The cluster of servers here is referred to as ‘the cloud”. The cloud can also be stated as ‘cloud computing’. The extensive process of running this concept on a single machine, has now switched to cloud computing which divides and distributes these tasks to smaller computers.

Who should opt for Cloud Hosting?

If your website is gaining popularity and receives high traffic that is straining the resources of your shared server, its time for you to reach out a Cloud Hosting service provider. Anyone who has maxed out their resources with a shared hosting provider can use Cloud Hosting. Often, hosting providers suggest a dedicated server for your site, which is more expensive and requires sufficient technical know-how. Cloud hosting writes off most of these challenges that come with a dedicated server.

Cloud vs Single Server

Traditional hosting is now moving to Cloud technology. Although it is more complex and costly to set up, it comes with major benefits. There a list of reasons for why various Cloud Hosting service providers prefer to sell traditional server-


If your site uses only one server or machine in a data centre, there is a high probability your data could vanish if that machine fails. On the other hand, if your website is shared on a series of machines where each of those store the same information and if one of them crashes, there is no worry. The load of slack will be picked by the other machines while the website is unaffected.


A primary benefit of Cloud hosting is scalability. Let’s visualize a set of clouds. Your website runs on these clouds, which suddenly faces high traffic. In this scenario, you opt to bring together more cloud  servers to support your website so your customers’ are not affected by any downtime. Later, if you do not need the additional servers  you can get rid of them. Websites that face any spikes with resources can benefit from this feature.
The infrastructure of Cloud hosting will leave you with ample resources than you need to use. The resources can be scaled easily – either with a simple phone call to your hosting provider at the time of high traffic, or you could manage your account yourself to adapt to increased requirements. While the same scenario on a dedicated server might lead to the a major downtime for the website, cloud hosting can adapt to your requirements and lets you pay only for what you use.


It is versatile to a great extent. Advanced hosting like the cloud allows you stop looking for packages that fit your requirements. With Cloud, you can set up the space, operating server, storage, infrastructure and security you need. Again, an added perk is that you can manage all this from your mobile device instead of contacting your provider for the same.


Taking into consideration all the reasons above, we can say that Cloud hosting is superior to traditional hosting in many ways. Overtime, we have evolved and transformed hosting to the next grade in the form of the Cloud. This type of hosting is the future of your business and a cloud service is the best way to shape it. Many Cloud Hosting service providers provide services which require strong tech support. However, Cloud that comes with cPanel integration can be accessible by small and medium sized enterprises, making it simple for anyone to use cloud technology. This feature is offered by ResellerClub – which ensures high resource availability, stability and scalability with all the benefits of cloud. This type of hosting is not only a worthy investment for your business but let us also say you are walking with time for a technological revolution!