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5 Reasons Why Novice Webmasters Should Start with VPS Hosting

Most people don’t give the comparison much thought when choosing their first hosting plan, as they think that any plan will work to get started. While this is somewhat true, if you have aspirations of running a successful website and being a knowledgeable webmaster, it’s best to learn the fundamentals of various types of hosting and how they are used before proceeding. There are typically three types of hosting buyers – those who are looking for the cheapest solution, those who are looking for the most robust solution, and those who want an appropriate plan that will meet their needs without creating unnecessary expenses. With that said, here are five reasons why every novice webmaster should start with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan:

1. Flexibility

A virtual private server is actually a partition of a web server that has been allocated a certain amount of server resources. The beauty of this is that at any given time your hosting provider can allocate more resources to your VPS, so it allows for instant expansion. Starting with a VPS plan lets you opt for a cheap solution that can be quickly expanded in the event your site(s) start receiving large amounts of traffic (that’s the goal, obviously). You can learn more about the flexibility of Cloud VPS hosting at Planet Hippo Web Hosting.

2. Affordability

VPS plans start at about the same price as a shared plan, so you’re able to get your foot in the door without spending much more than you would for the cheapest possible hosting plan, yet you’re given your own private partition that offers better performance.

3. Ease of Use

Using the backend interface of a VPS plan is just as easy as using a shared plan, and is much easier than managing your own dedicated server (although there are fully managed dedicated plans available as well). Most hosting providers will include advanced control panels with built-in scripts and content management systems that take care of all your site-building and administration tasks with no programming or advanced technical skills required.

4. Shared Hosting Isn’t as Reliable

While VPS hosting only costs a bit more than shared hosting, it is considered more reliable because you’re not sharing your server resources with anyone. A shared hosting plan can cause your site to suffer from poor performance if somebody else’s site in the same partition is experiencing a high volume of traffic or a DDOS attack. For this reason, shared hosting plans experience the most down time, even though that’s a relatively rare occurrence industry-wide due to today’s redundancy features in data centres.

5. Dedicated Hosting is Typically Excessive

Although it is true that dedicated hosting is the most powerful option available, in most cases it really is too much for a novice webmaster. Unless you already have thousands of files to host and you anticipate massive traffic spikes from day one, you’ll most likely find yourself paying an exuberant monthly fee for a server that you’re not even capable of fully utilising.

In closing, remember that all VPS plans are not the same in regard to bandwidth, disk space, and included software. Thus, comparing providers and plan features is still a very necessary initial step that every novice webmaster should take.