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000webhost – The Free Web Hosting Company Review

They say there are no free lunches in the world. Well, that might be partially true. But, when it comes to the world of web hosting, you do get access to some free lunches.

Thanks to the service providers like 000webhost – a popular free web hosting service provider powered by Hostinger – there is a way out for those looking for reliable hosting service without spending a penny.

But, just because something is free; doesn’t mean you should go for it.

With that said, we’ve put together an unbiased, decent, and detailed review of what to expect from the hosting services by 000webhost.

Here’s a quick review of this web hosting company –

No hidden costs

Most companies only claim to provide free hosting, but when the time comes to sign-up for the service, they ask for credit card information. There is always some or the other kind of hidden costing involved to their service. But, that’s not the case with 000webhost. The signing up is absolutely free, simple, and effortless. No hidden costs and no credit card information is required. So, that’s a plus.

Ways to create a website

The users of 000webhost get three options to create a website. They can either opt for the Easy Website Builder tool provided by the company. Or, they can create one using WordPress and host it on this company’s servers. Then there’s the option of direct uploading as well. Come to think of it, it’s quite an impressive ways to create a free site making it ideal for beginners who don’t have a lot of options to explore. What’s more, you get 10GB bandwidth and 1000 MB disk space which is not bad at all, considering it’s all free. It should be more than sufficient if you don’t plan on uploading too heavy files and images.


Uptime is something that is monumental for every online business. Especially if the services you offer on the site are time-sensitive, even one hour of downtime can result in great loss.

Talking about 000webhost’s uptime, it should come as good news that the company promises an astonishing 99.9% of uptime. I know, right! Even the top rated web hosting companies can’t live up to that promise. But, this one does.

Still can’t believe? Click here to check out the uptime recorded by the company proving the same.

cPanel Support

Users get access to cPanel to manage the website. Management of email, FTP accounts, database, and backup creation; all can be done through cPanel. 000webhost creates automatic backups of the files every month, thus offering added protection to the website’s contents. However, you can take backups of the site and database manually via cPanel as per your needs.

Customer Support

Okay, so this is one department that some may find disappointing. 000webhost doesn’t have a dedicated support team to answers user queries. However, it does have a dedicated community support forum. If you’re facing any trouble with the hosting service, you can leave your queries in the forum. The development team of the company works closely with forum moderators who offer instant solutions. You can also reach them via email support.

The community forum is quite helpful as you should find answers to most of your questions very easily there. Additionally, the community forum has a dedicated place for building websites that offer help with MySQL, PHP, and answers to questions that most people have when building a site.

To cater to multilingual users, there are different forums available in German and Spanish languages.

MySQL and PHP Support

An impressive thing about the web hosting services provided by 000webhost is that you can run MySQL and PHP from a free account. Of course you would need to have some expertise. You can do it via WordPress or by uploading the files instead of building the website online. You can use PHP MyAdmin to manage the database. Additionally, there’s the option of sending emails automatically using PHP.

Incredibly simple website builder tool

The free web hosting by 000webhost comes with the perk of using free website builder which is incredibly simple to use. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy you should not find it too complex to use. Within only three steps you get to choose from hundreds of professional looking and beautiful templates. All you have to do is click on ‘publish’ to get the content out there and manage it and voila, you’re website is ready. Within just one click you can create contact form, gallery, and subpages.

One Click Website Installer

000webhost is one of the fewest free web hosting companies that give you easy access to Autoinstaller. Its single click installer feature has been designed to make installing popular scripts easy. If you’re looking to enhance your website with a forum or an online gallery, you can do so with just few clicks. In minutes, your website can be transformed into a remarkable and useful resource.

000webhost gives you liberty to install over 50 popular scripts, including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Photo Gallery, etc. Moreover, they also offer support for Boxbilling, an invoice system created solely in PHP, which allows you to invoice your customers.

Ad Support

An interesting thing about the free web hosting services by 000webhost is that you get free Ad support so feel free to run your ads. This is extremely interesting feature considering that most hosting companies do not provide this feature. As a matter of fact, most companies run their own banners and advertisements on the website. The whole strategy is aimed at helping people make money from this arrangement which is something to think about if you’re big on making some extra income on the side.

Final thoughts

All and all, the web hosting services by 000webhost are more than promising. You get everything you can ask for and more in exchange of paying literally nothing. So, if you’re in search of free web hosting that is promising across all verticals, definitely do consider this platform.