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VIN Etching For Car Components:What Is The Law?

VIN Etching Technology: Car Componants

Vehicle Identification Number or VIN etching is a method used to deter car thieves from stealing cars. It consists of etching the VIN to the car windows, enabling easy identification of the car and making it difficult for thieves to sell parts. VIN can also aid in recovery of vehicles.

For the above two reasons, the law makes VIN etching mandatory for cars. The VIN is also included in multiple locations in a car from the dash board to the engine and the door plate. VIN is installed by the manufacturers and is used for a variety of purposes like ordering the right part for repair and signing up for car insurance.

Vehicles without VIN are harder to sell as people assume they are stolen. As such they are less popular with vehicle thieves also. This etching service is provided for by Auto glass companies for their customers. Some community organizations also provide etching service for member’s vehicles. People may take their cars to the police station or chamber of commerce or any other organization to get the VIN etched to their car windows. These events are usually held with great fan fare. Neighborhood -watch clubs may organize etching session for their members for ensuring safe neighborhoods.

According to state law, it is mandatory for the dealer or Lease Company to offer window etching service to buyers of used, leased and new vehicles. The lower corner of the windshield and side or rear windows must be etched and component parts with regard to motor cycles.

Marking of vehicle component parts with VIN is another part of the mandated duty. VIN Parts marking is recommended but not mandated by State Law. Federal Law, however, mandates manufacturers to etch component parts in so called ‘High theft’ line vehicles.

A reasonable rate may be charged by a dealer or lease company for VIN etching, but it should not exceed the rate filed with the DMV. Before September First each year, rates shall be filed before the DMV. For complaints, one can approach the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

It is possible to buy etching kits that can be used from home. The kit includes a stencil and acidic paste for etching on the glass and is quite affordable. However, you must handle the kit carefully as the acid is harmful. If it can mould the glass, imagine its effect on the body. These kits come in different qualities so it is wise to test on a scrap of glass before you use it on the car windows.

Lower insurance premiums may be awarded to cars with VIN etchings. Many insurance companies encourage their customers to get VIN etchings to reduce the risk of theft. If a vehicle is stolen, its VIN etchings make it easy to recover the vehicle. This is of advantage to the insurance companies.

VIN etching is a useful means by which each vehicle can be identified. From etching on used auto parts to etching on glass windows, the VIN gives a unique identity to any vehicle. It deters theft, lowers insurance premium, and saves you a whole load of worry.

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