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Top 5 Television Shows That Will Bring Your Childhood Memories Back

As we grow up and have to face real-life irritations such as work, finances and *mouthful* responsibility, we become more and more nostalgic for those early years we recall enjoying so much. There are loads of triggers that make us look wistfully back to the decade of innocent youth that preceded those vile teenage years.

Thanks to YouTube and some of the mobile Tv platforms like Hotstar, nexGTv etc, you can still give a gentle knock at your childhood doorsteps.

Here are the top 5 Television shows that will definitely trigger the fragmented memories of your childhood back


Acing the list is SHAKTIMAN, the Indian version of Superman where Mr. Mukesh Khanna is seen playing the lead, his alter ego being Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shashri with reporter nd partner Geeta Vishwas fighting the evil Tamraj Kilvish.  Shaktimaan was seriously one of the coolest Indian superheroes for the 90s generation. There are probably a number of you who even bought his costume, didn’t you?


Hip Hip Hurray

Regarded as one of the cult shows of its time, ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ will definitely bring back your school time memories.  ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ was the guide to high school if you were a 90s kid. The show which was aired in 1998 became trendsetter amongst the youth across the nation. From comedy to emotions, Hip Hip Hurray was a perfect entertainment package making our school memories and childhood awesome. The show became a cult and told the story of a bunch of 12th graders from DeNobili High School and dealt with youth issues like stress, peer pressure, career, drug abuse and a lot more.


Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Now airing on Hotstar app, Indian TV hasn’t had too many comedy shows that have been truly original, superbly scripted and as rib-tickling as Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah’s characters Indravardhan and Maya Sarabhai, along with the hilarious jing bang comprising of Monisha the daughter-in-law (Rupali Ganguly), Rosesh the dumb one (Rajesh Kumar) and Sahil the perfect son (Sumeet Raghavan), made us laugh for two years straight. If you have missed Rosesh’s kavitas about his momma, Indu and Sahil taking his case over them, and Maya and Monisha’s quarrels over everything middle-class, breathe a sigh of relief.


Malgudi Days

If you are an 80s kid, you will surely remember the popular ‘Malgudi Days’, a TV series based on the works of one of the best cartoonist R.K.Laxman. The stories in the series revolved around little Swami and his friends, who despises school and roams around the streets of Malgudi. If you had not watched this, you must at least have read it? If not, you can still view the series on nexGTv Mobile Tv app.


Just Mohabbat

The Americans had ‘The Wonder Years’ and we Indians had ‘Just Mohabbat’. The coming of age of a young boy Jai and his relationship with his friends, family and even his imaginary friend Gautam used to get us glued to the TV in the 90s.