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5 Best Payroll Software For Schools

In this article, we will explore the field of payroll software for small businesses. We will evaluate five of the best Payroll software for schools available based on their features, costs, vendor reliability, quality of customer support, offered integration channels, scalability, and other factors. After reading this, you will understand which payroll software suits your needs.

School administrators are always searching for new ways to enhance school procedures, as evidenced by the widespread adoption of school management software systems. However, the abundance of school ERP systems available on the market can be overwhelming.

To succeed and prosper, any business needs compliant and fully-featured payroll software that creates precise employee wages and payments in various ways. Poor payroll management, on the other hand, erodes employee confidence and exposes your company’s best intentions to significant risks.

For instance, if many companies shift to remote work due to COVID-19, your payroll system must be able to keep up. Payroll employees should be able to access the system from any location or device. Our school HR software, which is cloud-based and specifically developed for the education sector, streamlines and centralises HR functions in schools and trusts across the UK. While our HR solution can be purchased as a stand-alone tool, schools can use our managed education payroll service or in-house payroll software. Our school HR software for schools has something for everyone, whether you’re a maintained school, academy, or a rising multi-academy trust.

As an important administrative task, school management systems aid various personnel in performing their duties, such as teachers, accountants, human resources, and administrators. These systems are designed to help with school budgets, instructional administration, and communication. Additionally, they play a crucial role in payroll processing, one of the schools’ most time-consuming administrative functions.

Payroll Software for Schools

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home warnings, payroll still remains an essential function for companies, as it is responsible for the finances and, more importantly, ensuring that employees get paid. Without a paycheck, the lives of many individuals working on the front lines of the pandemic to save lives would come to a standstill. Research has also shown that almost half of American workers would leave a company if they experienced payment problems.

Using outdated payroll technologies, such as spreadsheets, is one of the many issues that can contribute to payment problems. These methods may prevent you from automating your procedures, centralizing your system, or meeting regulatory standards. Moreover, it consumes a significant amount of time on the part of your team. According to a survey, 27% of HR personnel spend most of their time executing payroll activities, which are mostly done manually. This time could be better spent on more demanding tasks.

Why is payroll management software required in schools?

Teachers work hard to ensure that their kids have brighter futures. They may be in charge of various classrooms and even different disciplines. Many holistic educators are equally concerned with how their kids perform outside the classroom. A problem with their pay is the last thing a teacher needs.

The largest school budget allocations are always for instruction and instruction-related expenditures. Salaries and employee benefits account for around 80% of this allocation. Schools require effective payroll administration software because it accounts for most of the organisation’s annual budget.

Payroll management is a synthesis of human resources and accounting procedures. A digitalised payroll system can aid in the automation of the processes of calculating, distributing, and managing payslips. These computerised payroll systems can greatly simplify the work of accountants, school finance officers, and human resource personnel.

A larger school management system may also include a payroll software system. Payroll software, for example, can be connected with accounting, HR, and finance software functions as part of a school ERP. As a result, all-in-one school administration software systems have expanded their functionality and improved their integration.

Features to Look for in Payroll Software for Schools

Various school administrative tasks can make a teacher’s job more onerous than necessary. Teachers should not have to scrutinize their pay stubs since payroll problems are so widespread that they are expected in every pay cycle. Payroll systems should be straightforward, visible, and, most importantly, accurate. Not all payroll software systems are equal; however, certain functions may always be found.

  1. Tax Returns

Many accountants find year-end tax computations especially stressful. It doesn’t help that tax computations are subject to frequent modifications due to tax bills and other tax regulations. Payroll systems should be able to assist you in calculating federal, state, and local taxes.

2. Attendance Recording

Attendance management entails more than simply knowing who showed up and who did not. Payroll calculations consider hours billed, tardiness, suspensions, vacation days, sick days, paid time off, required leaves, and many other factors.

3. Employee Self-Service

Teachers and school personnel require digital pay stubs. This eliminates the need to print and distribute pay stubs manually. Employees may also require system access to obtain PTO and upload medical certifications for sick leave authorisation.

4. Analytics and Reports

Information is a great tool for school administrators to acquire specific and overall staff performance information.

5. Support 

What type of assistance do you anticipate from the developers? Email is the most frequent assistance provided with the most basic memberships. Premium subscriptions typically include real-time chat and phone assistance. Free software systems rarely provide user help and refer users to community forums.

If you spend time and money on a payroll system, it should include features you can use and benefit from. A simple payroll system that includes everything you need is preferable to a more sophisticated payroll system that confuses teachers and other school personnel.

5 Best Payroll Software for Schools

A fast Google search for school payroll systems may leave you perplexed. How come there are so many payroll software options? So we scoured the internet and researched for you. That is how we compiled this list of the best payroll software for schools:

1. RazorpayX

RazorpayX is payroll disbursement and management software that automates payments and compliance filings such as TDS, PF, ESI, and PT. By ensuring tax compliance and efficiently organising your payroll, RazorpayX allows you to focus on developing your business. Furthermore, it allows you to conduct transactions from your current account and deposit salaries into an employee’s bank account.

RazorpayX Advantages

Here are some RazorpayX-specific features:

HR Management: RazorpayX helps your HR department manage the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to termination. You can use predefined templates to generate offer letters, execute reimbursements, and access the personnel directory. Furthermore, RazorpayX ensures that your employees can add bespoke holidays with the agreement of their boss.

Leave Management System: RazorpayX allows you to create leave policies tailored to your company’s culture. Employee attendance reports can be viewed by management, and RazorpayX automatically accounts for employee holidays when computing salary. You may also combine RazorpayX with Slack to conduct all approvals on a single platform.

Payroll Processing with a Single Click: Managing payroll is no longer time-consuming. You can avoid manual labour and accurately automate the payroll process with RazorpayX. It allows you to include incentives or bonuses during the processing process, automates compliance payments, and creates relevant payroll data.

Statutory Compliance: RazorpayX provides the most comprehensive payroll compliance automation on the market. It correctly deducted TDS returns for employees based on their tax declaration and chosen regime. Furthermore, you can manage school payroll processing or professional tax registration and return filings from a single interface.

Group Health Insurance: RazorpayX provides group health insurance to businesses to protect their employees’ interests. It offers automated insurance management throughout employee onboarding and termination. RazorpayX has the highest claim settlement rate and is one of the few payroll software providers that provides health insurance.

RazorpayX Costs

RazorpayX’s payroll administration solution is available in two subscription tiers. A base price of $1.5 per employee is required.

2. APS Payroll Processing Software

APS offers payroll processing systems and services to a wide range of sectors. They process payroll for schools, hospitals, banks, hotels, and other enterprises. APS also assists schools in developing HR software systems for taxation, scheduling, recruiting, benefits, employee performance, and much more.

APS is software that integrates human resources and accounting. Their unified and customized solution suits schools with larger budgets and more unusual management requirements. Because it is a single system, there is no need for duplicate databases, ensuring data accuracy.

APS offers employee lifecycle management, scheduling, recruiting, onboarding, and payroll processing. They also assist multi-location institutions and provide mobile solutions for distant personnel.

3. PHP Payroll

PHP Payroll has all the makings of a solid payroll application. It offers attendance, employee, leave, holiday, payslip, and user administration capabilities.

PHP Payroll is open-source and free. This makes it ideal for small to medium-sized schools with limited or no funds for software and other digital advancements.

Because it is open-source, you may be able to customize it to meet the needs of your school with the assistance of a skilled PHP developer. PHP Payroll Pro, their online payroll and HR software solution, also has a premium edition.

One disadvantage of this free and open-source tool is that it will almost certainly require the services of a professional to set it up, administer it, and maintain it. Installation support is an extra fee in PHP Payroll. After installing the free version, the developers provided no help.

Assume a school wants any automated system but does not wish to add a developer to the usual payroll. In that scenario, it is preferable to subscribe to a school management system that offers monthly or annual plans.

4. 247 HRM

247 HRM specializes in human resource software solutions. It might be considered one of the top corporate payroll software options. However, while it is not exclusively for schools, the one-stop HR software solution provides a wide range of functions that school administrators would undoubtedly desire in a payroll system.

Because 247 HRM specializes in human resource management, its software provides full HRMS and recruitment functions. Other capabilities include income tax computations, expense reports, and performance management. These features make 247 HRM an appealing solution for schools looking to optimize HR procedures and manage the life cycle of staff and student data.

By no means is 247 HRM a complete school management software. Exam management, cloud database storage, student admittance, staff onboarding, library management, and communication can all benefit from it. This makes 247 HRM the ideal solution for schools requiring only a few specific functionalities.

If you’re seeking another payroll processing solution, 247 HRM also offers payroll outsourcing.

5. MySchoolTimeClock

TES Software created MySchoolTimeClock. The developer creates and supports software for schools of various sizes. Accounting, Receipts, TimeClock, and are the four educational software systems offered by TES Software.

MySchoolPayroll was the previous name for MySchoolTimeClock. It was aptly renamed MySchoolTimeClock by integrating some HR operations such as attendance, scheduling, and leave management. MySchoolTimeClock is a straightforward solution built for elementary schools.

Employees can choose their cause of absence via the employee self-service portal, eliminating the requirement for paperwork before returning to the workplace. Those with dashboard access can view their attendance and timekeeping records.

The system supports many user types and access levels. Employees, for example, may opt to connect to the system using their computers or dedicated PCs. Other staff can utilise a time clock system that is digitised. Even replacement teachers can utilise the system to keep track of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to manage payroll manually?

No. Even if it is the cheapest option, it is not the preferred strategy. When errors occur, it can quickly become the most expensive process. Human error is unavoidable; therefore, payroll software is a better bet for one of a company’s most valuable assets.

How can I do my payroll for free?

Various vendors will process payroll for one or more employees for free. Payroll4Free is the most comprehensive free payroll processing plan for 2023. However, eSmartPaycheck,, TimeTrex, and ExcelPayroll all provide free payroll processing plans. Some paid companies, such as QuickBooks, provide three-month free trials.

What are the benefits of using Free Payroll Software?

Payroll administration is critical for all businesses. However, not everyone can afford to spend money on a subscription plan without seeing benefits. The best alternative is to use a free platform with basic functionality to analyse the differences in your workplace culture.

Payroll and onboarding can be made easier using free payroll software. You can pay your employees or 1099 contractors via direct deposits or paper checks generated by the payroll software. The self-service portal allows your employees to access basic information online. They can select insurance options, reprint pay stubs, request time off, and amend timesheets. Furthermore, payroll software allows you to reward hardworking staff with incentives or bonuses.

Depending on predefined criteria, payroll software calculates the right billable hours for each employee. Furthermore, full reporting on earnings, payables, and tax returns allows you to analyze your cash flow profitability.


A good school administrator would desire the best for everyone who works for the school, not just the pupils. This is why school administration software programs should be considered. School management systems enable administrators to provide a better working environment for staff and teachers, resulting in a better learning environment for students. This indicates that, when implemented properly, a digitalized school administration system can considerably and favourably impact employee work satisfaction, staff turnover, and educational quality.

However, the same might be said for narrower subgroups of school administration. The best school payroll software can assist teachers with their more boring administrative responsibilities. This allows them to devote more time to the most important aspects of their professions, such as teaching children and guiding them towards academic greatness.