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Top 5 Business Software Trends to Pay Attention To!

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In today’s competitive international market, businesses of all size have to stay one step ahead of technology trends in order to thrive.

The past three years have been an exciting time for business software as the spread of cloud computing and smartphones have made previously impossible consumer solutions not only possible, but also commonplace.

Staying up to date and selecting the right kind of software solutions to implement or put in place within your business is absolutely vital these days.

Regardless, what are the top business software trends to pay attention to today?

#1: Enterprise Software Continues to Migrate into the Cloud.

As enterprise software migrates into the cloud, more platforms will begin to offer cloud alternatives to traditional software, including pay-per-use licensing.

Expensive software licensing can be a prohibitive barrier for small businesses, but emerging pay-per-use options for these business-oriented software tools means that online shopping, payment processing, project management, etc., is only going to become easier and more affordable for small businesses.

Business should also look out for app platforms which allow users to access these software solutions both from the cloud and from servers on campus.

Larger businesses which are more adverse to risks have so far been making the move into the cloud in much smaller steps, but we can expect that app platforms which support both cloud and campus functionality will act as a catalyst to this transformation.

#2: Business TV and a New Breed of Business Apps.

Samsung’s Android powered TV is the first of a new wave of devices which offer smartphone-like features including touch screens and app downloads. This will begin to blur the line between normal television and PC use, and will give televisions a new relevance in the business world.

With iPhone style touch support, businesses can use this new breed of TVs as an interactive element for their firm. Users could set up low cost kiosks or interactive terminals from these business televisions with functionality limited only by the imagination of software entrepreneurs.

#3: Smartphone Integration with Automobiles.

Many major car manufactures are moving towards the implementation of advanced features like OnStar video service, allowing businesses to evaluate the health and well-being of drivers in emergency situations. However, this same technology can be used by smartphones with on-the-road applications.

This includes vehicle location apps, the ability to turn a smartphone into a collision avoidance tool, or software that otherwise would come hardwired into the automobile, like parallel parking apps. Employees and businesses stand to benefit both from fewer distractions on the road and increased productivity during travel.

#4: Cloud-based Printing Solutions

Many major printing businesses including Kodak and Lexmark are moving towards cloud printing technology.

This technology allows PCs, tablets, and smartphones to wirelessly connect to printers through the internet, enabling printing jobs to be managed from anywhere.

By carrying the necessary files for your businesses tasks on your portable devices, you can do anything from creating customized businesses cards to carrying out routine memo printing. These files can then be sent to the printer, be it at your office, home, hotel or client’s place of business.

Why carry a pile of business cards when you can print one at their office on the fly?

#5: The Development of Even More Software for Existing Hardware Infrastructure.

Mobile devices can already be turned into a huge variety of useful gadgets, making a small business’ work easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Highlighting this trend is SquareUp, which is now offering businesses a mobile credit and debit card reader with no monthly fee, allowing users to process payment from virtually anywhere that has broadband internet available.

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