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The Advantages of Using Twitter for Small Businesses

Mastering the art of marketing is not an easy thing to do and in the modern social media age that we are living in, twitter is being used as one of the biggest marketing platforms today. People use Twitter for many reasons and promoting is one of them because these days TV and radio advertising is not as powerful as it used to be. There is a whopping 4.66 billion people around the world on social media today, that’s more than half the world! Making social media, more specifically twitter, an effective way to reach a wide audience and finding the right demographic for your business. Twitter is also easy and cheap compared to traditional marketing as long as you understand that your followers are key.

There are many advantages that twitter can have for your small business and here are a few ways it can help:

Reach wide audiences

Twitter is all about the numbers. If you want a bigger reach you need more followers making the amount of followers you have very important. Twitter has a wide user base which is potential for many new customers. You can choose to be local but at the same time have the opportunity to teach more people that you wouldn’t otherwise communicate with. One of the best things you can find online regarding Twitter is the possibility to buy followers through growth services like Twesocial, which use best social media practices to help you grow your Twitter account with real followers.

With 335 million users, there are many audiences on twitter and anyone can find one on the popular app. This is very important for business.

Great place to get leads

A very important aspect of Twitter is engagement. You need to engage with your followers and as a business there are many ways that you can engage with your customers including:

  • Hashtags: these are a great way to make your content relevant to a specific topic and to get your tweets in front of the right audience.
  • Retweets: retweeting generates more retweets for you and will likely get more people to follow your account.
  • Replies and comments: this is a good way to show other users that you see and care about their tweets and it also helps with the algorithm because the more you engage, the more people will see your tweets.
  • Posting pictures of happy customers: This builds the customers trust in your business and helps you build a good reputation.

Engagement also leads to brand awareness and it brings in new customers which is the ultimate goal when using Twitter for your business.

Drives traffic to your website

It is generally not an easy task getting traffic to a website and Twitter acts as an SEO hack. You can create clever tweets that direct users to your website by posting links and you can include links in your bio as well. It is important to reach the right audience because this would lead to more traffic on your website which could lead to more potential online purchases. Ecommerce stores also improve visibility of your product in tweets and when you have them enabled on your website, you ensure that useful information about your product will be displayed when someone shares your product page on Twitter. Online purchasing and ecommerce can all be done through your website.

Can be done from anywhere

It is no secret that the world is evolving into a more technical and virtual space and with this evolution we see that the traditional way of marketing is becoming less popular. One of the reasons why is because it is time consuming and expensive whereas Twitter marketing on the other hand is easy and cheap to do. Many businesses see benefits from posts and interactions and Twitter allows you to build relationships with other brands which helps you grasp their audience and get more customers. Who wouldn’t want that?

Overall, Twitter is a great place for your business to grow and reach new audiences. It has great potential for your business to get more customers while also allowing you to gain insight into what people think about your business. Apart from it being a great place to engage with your customers, Twitter benefits your small business by allowing you to reach wide audiences, provides a great place to get leads, drives traffic to your website and twitter can be accessed anywhere.