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Start Ups To Watch Out For In 2017

Laurel & Wolf: interior designing online.

This trendy bunch make it easy for you to connect with an interior designer online. Not only does it make this process much easier than it once was, it’s now affordable to transform your home or office.

You simply share details about your space, collaborate with your designer (completely online), and receive a shopping list and floor plan. Everything is ordered for you – being chic has never been so simple!

Wowzr: Online Video meets Ecommerce

This little Australian start up is beginning to lead the way in video led ecommerce. A founder with an incredible backstory, an eye for wonderful products and a market leading website – these guys take video first very seriously.

With an inspiring range of products from airtight containers that stack flat when not filled with food, to pocket sized portable boomboxes that can turn anything into a speaker. Their unique video’s make the products come to life in a personal way, so you will always know what you’re getting. If you don’t believe us, check out their video for airtight containers, you won’t believe you’ve lived without them for so long!).

Gametime – Mobile e-ticketing

Gametime allows people to find last minute live event tickets, easily and on their mobile. From making payments within the app to cutting out the need to print, Gametime are shrinking the time it takes to order a ticket to a matter of seconds.

Importantly, the app is free and contains no adverts – as they place user experience above all else. It’s now super simple to book a ticket for your favourite sports team, singer or theatre production.

Away – Luggage reimagined

Away have created a huge cult following from their amazing suitcase range, with inbuilt charging batteries for all of your devices.

The inside of the suitcases are compartmentalised, one for clothes and one for toiletries and hard objects. They even have a nylon laundry baf that separates the clean clothes from dirty. This is all encased within an ultra hard, scratch resistant shell that can withstand all of the pressures of travelling.

They really have created a thoughtful bag for the modern traveller.

Ripple – Dairy Free Milk

As the dairy-alternative industry quickly becomes an unstoppable juggernaut, Ripple is riding the wave with its dairy free alternative to milk that’s taking America by storm.

This delicious alt-milk is made from yellow peas which are blended with water and sunflower oil. They are then lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar with added vitamin D and other nutrients.

All of Ripple’s peas are currently sourced from North America.