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Simple Things to do to Get Followers on Instagram

We live in the day and age of social media. It is no longer just a pass time or way to connect with people but an avenue even businesses are taking seriously to get their message across to their customers. one of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram, used to share photos and videos whether it is that plate of food you had at a fancy restaurant, trip to the Bahamas or your fun moments with your pet. Instagram is your platform.

With over 1 billion users, everyone wants to have a go at it. accounts are not created equal with some with few followers and others with enough to populate a small country. Whether as an individual or a business, getting followers is part of the reason for being on Instagram. What is it worth if there is no one viewing all your amazing uploads? You can find the answer by visiting Growthoid which is a service that can do a lot for your Instagram account by bringing you the audience that you need right in front of you. And the best thing is that you can focus on your business while somebody else will take care of growing your follower base. There are some other ways you can reel in some followers and in this article, we will share them.

Try out hashtags

You may have come across hashtags while browsing through Instagram and maybe you were intrigued or did not care much. Either way, this is one of the ways you can get ahead in the Instagram game. Hashtags help bundle up similar content so that you can find it easily and if you are into it, participate. Hashtags will lead you to like minded people as well who may be more interested in the type of content you share. When posting photos or videos, it is great to include a few hashtags and those that are not too populated. Too many hashtags will ruin the focus of your content and probably confuse your audience. Use the most relevant to your posts.

Engage with users

The main goal of social media is engagement. People are on Instagram to connect with others and if you are not connecting, you are going to stay behind in the game. Engaging people means you should participate in their comments, share and like their content and sometimes, send them direct messages. This will add some zest to your profile. People want to know it’s a human behind the account and the best way to get that across is be as active on social media as a human would be in real life.

Make sure your account is in order

Are you ready to open an Instagram account? How your page appears will make it more attractive to other Instagram users. You have seen adverts on billboards before, right? Some draw you and some do not. You want your profile to be like those that draw people. Some things to make sure are in order are your bio, profile image and username. Your bio should be short and interesting like a dating profile of an adventurer. Your image should be high resolution and clear and your username should be easy to remember but hard to forget, simple and catchy. This is the foundation of your page so it deserves your attention.

Take advantage of user generated content

The burden of creating content does not always have to be up to you. Other users are always posting great content that it may take you some time to get to their level. It is much easier to generate ideas from already popular user content to create your own or use it to create attention to your page. If people loved it on another page, there are high chances they will love something similar on yours.

Create a posting schedule

Content means nothing if it is not posted and posted consistently. People binge on Instagram so there are always looking for interesting content through the day. If they find something interesting on your page, they will most likely want to check again soon so it is a great idea to have a posting schedule that will allow you to post consistently and without taking your attention off more important things. Instagram allows you to schedule posts in advance which it will post on a date you choose without you getting onto the platform.


Considering these tips will make your Instagram journey more pleasant and put you ahead of the game. Use them.