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Options for Adobe After Effects® Certification

If a candidate wishes to become certified in Adobe After Effects®, they have two options, as well as a recertification option. Candidates can gain certification in After Effects® CS5 and After Effects® CS4. Recertification is possible through the Adobe After Effects® CS5 Recertification Exam. The best candidates for these exams have skills in motion graphics and animation, or previous experience as video editors.

The After Effects® CS4 certification is available in English and German. Candidates must pass a total of 80 questions, with a score of at least 66% in order to earn their certification. Those taking the After Effects® CS5 exam will need to pass 65% of the 73 questions correctly in order to earn certification. Candidates can choose to take the After Effects® CS5 exam in English, French, German, and Japanese.


During both the CS4 and CS5 exams, professionals will tested on their ability to understand motion graphics and visual effects. Additionally, candidates will be asked to demonstrate their skills in composites and 3D compositions.

Taking the Adobe After Effects® CS5 Recertification exam requires a previous certification in a version of Adobe After Effects®. The 33 questions on the exam will focus on new and key features of Adobe After Effects® CS5. Candidates will be required to earn a score of at least 65% in order to gain recertification.

The best way for a candidate to ensure that they achieve a passing score on their Adobe After Effects® certification exam is to use some type of exam preparation before taking the tests. Both Adobe and TestsHead.com offer exam preparation services for interested candidates.

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