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How to Improve Employee Engagement on Your Intranet

If you’ve set up a company Intranet, at the very least, you expect your employees to engage with it. This isn’t always necessarily going to be the case, however. If you don’t make your Intranet engaging, how can you expect people to take to it and use it the way you want them to?

There are ways to ensure that your Intranet captures the attention of your employees and keeps them captivated as they continue to use it. To perform this all-important task of boosting engagement, you’re going to need to take heed of the advice laid out below.

Keep everything simple

Intranet software is renowned for being incredibly flexible and customizable. This is, of course, for the most part, a good thing, as it means that you will be able to tweak your page as and when you feel a trend in your market dictates that you should. You shouldn’t, however, get too carried when it comes to the tweaking that you do, no matter how easy it is to perform. Doing so would probably result in your Intranet being too confusing to access and navigate.

Instead, you should seek to keep your page simple. Doing this, especially when you work alongside top software developers, will make your Intranet site not only easy to use but also enticing. When your employees know that they will be able to find whatever it is they are looking for, be it a rota or a payslip, with absolute ease, they will not be deterred from logging on to their individual portal.

Send out satisfaction surveys

If you don’t know what it is about your Intranet that is bothering your employees, you’ll never be able to fix it. For this reason, regularly sending out satisfaction surveys is a must. You shouldn’t make the surveys that you send out too complicated or time-consuming to get through, though. Instead, you should be straightforward with the questions that you ask — at the same time, these questions should be open-ended to provide your employees with plenty of opportunities to express their true thoughts on your site. This means avoiding questions that simply ask for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers at all costs.

Utilize your news feed

Your Intranet’s news feed section is one its most useful features, if not its most useful. Chances are, it’s also a section of your site that you aren’t utilizing fully.

When used properly, your newsfeed will become the focal point of your business Intranet. It will do so because it will become the central hub for all the information your employees want to unearth when they log on to their portal. In your newsfeed, you should regularly provide updates about a wide range of topics, from things that are going on in the local community to changes that have been made internally in your business.

If you’ve set up a business Intranet, then you should be doing all you can to optimize it. Doing this will undoubtedly improve the way your employees engage with your site, and that will then stop you from wasting money on a feature that serves nobody any purpose.