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How Should An IT Specialist Manage Social Networks to Find a Job

When you get a job, the manager is interested not only in what is written on your resume and said at the interview, but also in what you are like on the network. It is this part of the life of a modern person that allows you to immediately distinguish an enthusiast from just a good specialist.

It doesn’t matter which category of people you belong to. Also don’t think that you need a very popular Instagram profile and that you have to spend all your time on social media and buy Instagram followers to get hired. It’s not obligatory. In order to show yourself in the best light, just follow our instructions.

Remove everything unnecessary from social networks

Now is the time to let go of the dark side of life. You should delete:

  • memes;
  • photos from parties;
  • offensive and defamatory images and videos;
  • negative towards colleagues or a former boss and the company.

But do not overdo it, do not make too perfect pages. Your profile should not look fake, as if it was created specifically for employers or all interesting content was hastily deleted. Leave congratulations, ordinary photos with friends, family, loved ones and beautiful travel shots.

Ask users on your subscription list to also remove questionable content. If you do not want to disturb them, you can tell them that you need to unsubscribe from each other and continue to communicate in instant messengers.

After cleaning the list of subscriptions and subscribers, you may notice that your account has lost part of the audience and the numbers do not look so attractive anymore. At this stage, you can buy real Instagram followers to one-time return the number of audience that you had or slightly increase.

Subscribe to interesting accounts

If you now think that you are subscribed to many interesting pages, then you misunderstand the meaning of this paragraph. We are all living people and it is interesting for us to read the news of our favorite soccer club, follow the account of a cat breeder or flip through a feed of memes. But you need to be subscribed to profiles related to the IT sphere.

You can leave a certain number of accounts about soccer and cats, but on the condition that IT content will dominate.

Highlight important links

The ideal option would be:

  • email;
  • Skype or messenger;
  • phone number.

Instagram does not allow you to attach links in posts, so you should use a Business Account to the maximum. Leave a link to your website in your bio, and enable call forwarding to your phone number and email with a Business Account.

So you can always be found, provide important information or make an offer that you cannot refuse. In addition, this way you will show that you are open to job offers 24 hours a day.

Start blogging

A personal website with professional content or a blog on a popular resource is a sign of supreme commitment to the chosen path. Any person who writes about their developments and allows visitors to comment on them inevitably faces criticism. This is how voluntary work under pressure is formed. If the author of the blog withstands it, and the quality of the content is growing every day, then this person will definitely show himself from the best side in his work.

Do not forget that the page on social networks is your calling card, and you need to approach the description of your experience wisely. Social networks have long ceased to be only entertaining. These are already platforms for job search.