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Daiwa 32-inch LED TV Review – D32C5SCR

Much like its big-sized sibling L42FCV4U, Daiwa 32-inch LED TV is smaller and more affordable version of the budget smart HDTV, that is suitable for 10 to 14 sq.ft. size of the living room.

This smart LED TV goes by the model name of D32C5SCR, and let’s look at its features and performance in our following in-depth review.

Daiwa D32C5SCR 32-inch LED TV Review

The 32-inch LED display is well built and gives a good impression on the first look. The unit itself is very lightweight, and easy to carry around if you have that kind of requirement. The matte finish Daiwa logo is at the center and not obtrusively placed to hamper your viewing experience.  The bezels are thin and maintain the lean visual experience of this HDTV.

This smart HD LED TV comes with the space grey color on the bezels and looks classy in the living room. Daiwa has promised that ‘this smart TV comes with the detailed picture Quality with an A+ Grade panel and 16.7M Display Colors which makes every picture reel to real’. Most of which is true considering the TV shows quite vivid and vibrant pictures. The colors by default are very highly saturated and not suitable to be used as it is directly. You need to play with the colors and saturation to make sure that it is well adjusted to your living room settings.

Daiwa D32C5SCR brings the much-needed ‘smart features’ at an affordable price tag. The built-in user interface is smooth and good looking. There is almost no learning curve shifting between the basic TV features and the smart ones. Pressing on exit confirms if you want to exit the traditional TV and move to apps ecosystem of the TV. Daiwa has pre-packed some of the most popular apps like Netflix, Youtube, Chrome Browser, Hoststar and many others. It’s an open Android system, so you can virtually install any app from the Play store you want, just make sure they are designed for TVs so resolution won’t be an issue.

I found the performance tad bit slower than the 42-inch version, as swapping between settings and ‘tv to smart TV’ often felt sluggish. It’s not too slow to be annoying but just something you should no. As I have suggested in my previous review, Daiwa must make some fresh software upgrades to fix the performance issues. There is no problem with the hardware on the paper, as this TV is powered by Dual Core 1.3GHz processors with 1GB RAM + 8GB internal memory. It runs on Android 4.4, and as the specs are good enough, I believe some sluggishness issues are fixable.

This 32 inch Daiwa smart tv comes with the 2 HDMI, 2 USB and CO-AX output port to connect media devices. The audio experience is decent, but I have a personal choice of going for woofers or soundbars, as the in-built audios never match the expectations even with the 2x Dolby 10W built-in box speakers. Daiwa D32C5SCR LED TV allows you to connect with the Sound Bar or AV receiver through HDMI cable using the interactive ARC function and the play host.

There are pretty much all the features you expect from the smart TVs, like screen mirroring or air mouse-like functionality for easy typing and browsing the screen with smart apps. But they fail to impress with average to below average quality. The mirroring even with most advanced Wi-Fi router and 40 MBPS connection, lags so much, that it’s not a great experience mirroring screen. Air mouse as well works okay but if it disconnects, it’s very hard to reconnect with given instructions.  This was expected as the only TVs that do this perfectly are the Samsungs and the LGs of the brands and they won’t come at least twice the prices with same specs sheet.


Daiwa D32C5SCR is a good package for the MRP of Rs. 15,490 and tries to give as much as possible when it comes to screen display quality, smart TV features and connectivity options. The low price justifies the minor nuances due non-customized Android UI, and issues with mirroring or an air mouse. But if you’ve never used any smart TV before, and not planning to use the screen mirroring or air mouse features as extensively, I can recommend this as a great 32-inch smart LED TV as a great ‘Value for Money’ buy!