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Creative Ideas to Surprise Your Mum on Mother’s Day 

Mothering Sunday, better known as Mother’s Day, comes around on the fourth Sunday of Lent each year – which this year falls on the 27th March. Each year the day catches up to many of us, leaving us scrabbling for gift ideas to show our appreciation to the matriarchs of our childhood families. Here we examine four excellent ways in which you can say thank you to your Mum, with a beautiful Mother’s Day surprise. 

A Bespoke Photo Album 

Mother’s Day is not simply a day for celebration demarcated by a card; it can also be a day for remembrance and commemoration, and your gifts could reflect that kind of sentimentality. Why not assemble family photos into a photo album, with notes from each member of your family – whether in-jokes, memories from the days that certain photos were taken, or anecdotes to make your mum smile. This handmade archive of memories could be the perfect way to show your gratitude, as well as to ensure an abundance of tears in the process. 

A Surprise Home Delivery 

The ongoing presence of coronavirus may still present difficulties for certain families and communities, from the immunocompromised to those unable to take up the available vaccines. If this applies to your family, it needn’t be a dampener to proceedings on Mother’s Day, and it is still possible for you to demonstrate just how much you care. Consider arranging the delivery of Mother’s Day chocolates to your Mum’s door on the day, and potentially coinciding that delivery with a bouquet of flowers to complete the image.  

A Breakfast Made with Love 

Most of the time, it isn’t the gifts themselves that count for anything on Mother’s Day; it’s the gesture. And certain gestures may be worth far more than their weight in gold. For example, after a lifetime of being cooked for and cleaned after by your mother, why not return the favour with a home-cooked breakfast in bed and a spotless kitchen after the fact? A morning of doting on your mum can be an excellent way to say thank you for being doted on in childhood, as well as a low-cost way to spoil your mum with a slap-up meal. 

A Dedicated Day Out 

Lastly, you could make Mother’s Day something of an occasion by whisking your mum away for a special day with just the two of you – or with her and your siblings. You could spend the day treating your mum to any number of experiences, from a spa day to a day trip to another city. You could take her for a special meal at a local restaurant, or even just take her shopping; any form of day out with you would likely be gift enough! You could present your mum with the gift of choice, in the form of a “coupon” allowing her to spend the day with you however she wishes.