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Complete Guide to Men’s Accessories 2021

Men’s accessories are just like women’s. It is not easy to mix and match. Every piece needs to jive with the other accessories. It also has to fit well with your outfit.

Some jewelry suits best on certain occasions. At the same time, it needs to complement other accessories.

Without proper knowledge about fashion and trends, wearing men’s accessories is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Let us help you find the solution to your dilemma. Here’s a complete guide about men’s accessories.

Who Can Wear Men’s Accessories?

Some men are hesitant to have accessories. They didn’t want to look feminine. They have this idea that pieces of jewelry are only for women.

But hey! We have these so-called men’s accessories – designed for men to wear them. All men around the world can use them.

Men above 15 years old can have any type of men’s accessories. Choose a belt and a hat as long as it goes well with the whole attire.

Men going to a formal event need accessories. It is a necessity to boost the style and complete a gentleman look.

You. Stop looking down on yourself. Get yourself another accessory aside from your wallet. A wristwatch is the most practical among all men’s accessories.

Whether you’re attending a formal event, or just chilling out with friends, wear something extra. It steps up your look in a subtle way.

3 Tips On How To Wear Men’s Accessories

Choosing the right accessory for the right occasion is like picking your outfit for the day. All pieces must blend.

Think of the event you are going to. Is it a formal occasion like a suit and tie? Or just casual meetups with friends and family. Regardless of the circumstances, always follow these three tips on how to wear men’s accessories.

Be simple

There’s no need to wear all your accessories at the same time. A necklace is alright with your t-shirt and pants. Crowding yourself with too much jewelry is not pleasing to the eye. Choose between rings, bracelet, or watch, instead.

A single piece is enough to accentuate your look. Keep it as simple as possible.

Choose your color

Just like any event, there is a motif. It also applies to your outfit and accessories. Pick your color for the day – a maximum of three colors. More than that is not aesthetic at all.

Make sure your chosen palette is easy to match with accessories. Also, consider the place where you’re going. Most important of all, ask yourself if you can pull it off.

Fit with clothes

When picking accessories, imagine the look you want to be. Do you want a gentleman look? Pair your suit with tie clips or cufflinks. Are you out to have fun under the sun? Get a pair of sunglasses.

These tips are easy to remember and follow. Keep it in mind, and for sure, you’ll be one of the handsome head-turners.

Why Men Wear Accessories

There is nothing wrong with men wearing accessories. Being stylish and classy every day is motivating. That’s why they begin to accept the importance of accessories. For a better understanding, let us enumerate why men love having accessories.

Improve Self-Confidence

Wearing suitable accessories make you look and feel good. Thus, it boosts your confidence. What more if the people around you compliment the way you look. It uplifts your personality.

Express Personality

Your clothes reflect your personality, but wearing accessories highlights it more. This tiny detail brings out your persona to the world. One glance, and people can tell more about you. Choose a piece of accessory that portrays you.

Good Luck in Business

Aside from talking with other business people, your overall look says a lot. Make yourself memorable to others. Hasten your professional look with the right men’s accessories. You’ll never know how many opportunities and discussions await you.

Better quality life

Knowing you always look good is satisfying. It creates a positive aura on you. You become optimistic about life. Unlike when you look down on yourself, it attracts a negative vibe. Avoid this scenario. Stay classy and stylish with your accessories and maintain your handsome look.

Love Compliments

Just like women, some men dress to impress. They love compliments from others. Sometimes it is a good conversation builder. People often like to give their opinion about outfits and how to dress up. Moreover, hearing compliments prove that your fashion is at the top of the game.

Always remember that not all men who wear accessories intend to impress. Some just view it as part of a fashion trend. Regardless of their purpose, men know how beneficial having a piece. Become one of them. Choose the best men’s accessories suitable for your daily life.

Top 5 Men’s Accessories

Accessories of men is a simple add-on to their attire. Personalize your style depending on your feelings. It reflects your type of attitude, as well. Choose among the top 5 men’s accessories that fit you the most.


Choose a timepiece of your style – mechanic, automatic, analog, or digital. Apart from its look, its functionality never fails. A little maintenance here and there, and you have a partner for years. It proves why it is the most popular among all the accessories. You can even modify its style. Some watch enthusiasts buy seiko mod parts like skx bezel insert, dials or domes to fit their fashion taste.


Bracelets provide the much needed slight enhancement of your outfit. It is a sexy accessory – no wonder it is the number one most trending men’s accessories.

Suit Accessories

Look more polished with suit accessories. Although it is the most underrated, it emphasizes your professionalism.


Without a doubt, sunglasses are a must-have for men and women. It works well during summer or hot days.


Wallets are the most common accessory around the globe. They are frequently overlooked by many. Don’t be one of them. Get a wallet that can hold your cash, cards, and personal ID cards.

It is not necessary to buy all these accessories at once. But keeping one or two in your drawer is a massive back up to your style.

Having men’s accessories is a must-have. It boosts up their self-confidence. However, not all men are aware of it. Hopefully, this complete guide can reach every man and learn from it. Always pick accessories that suit well on every attire. A watch never goes wrong on any occasion. It is functional and affordable, as well.