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Den Broadband Plans of 2021 – Home and Commercial Plans

Choosing an internet service provider is like choosing a life partner. It might not seem that important at first, but once you have one you realize that they are the backbone of your business and social life.

We live in a world where information is spread as quickly as it can be, and yet, if we choose to use an outdated or slow connection we’re fighting against the tide to maintain relevance. Den broadband plans for 2021 offer great value for both home and commercial users. You’ll find an array of data speeds, prices, and plans to suit your needs and budget with excellent customer service to match!

Den Broadband: Is it a trustworthy service?

Den has 13 million customers across 433 cities. It is popular in many cities, including Delhi, Kanpur, and Faridabad. The reliable providers operate in 13 Indian states – Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. One can find them in MP or Jharkhand as well.

DEN Broadband Plans 2021

Until last year, Den did not disclose any of the broadband plans for home or commercial users on their website. Such a lack of transparency must have been identified by the Telecom Authority of India. But thankfully in Den broadband plans are not available for 2021 for home users at least.

So Den is a reliable broadband service provider, and you can opt for it after comparing the following broadband plans of 2021 with other competitors.

So after using Den’s internet plans for a few years, I have a lot of important information that will help you make an informed decision about your broadband plans.

Den Broadband Plans 2021 For Home Users

The following table will summarise the plans for you as a quick view. But for more details and which one is most suitable for you, I suggest reading through the details below.

Broadband Plans 2021 Internet Speed Data Limit (FUP) Post FUP Speed Validity Rental (₹) Rental + GST (₹)
Plan 1 50 Mbps 30 GB NA 30 Days 349 412
Plan 2 10 Mbps 300 GB 2 Mbps 30 Days 599 707
Plan 3 25 Mbps 300 GB 5 Mbps 30 Days 799 943
Plan 4 50 Mbps 300 GB 10 Mbps 30 Days 999 1179

Plan 1

The most basic limited, Den broadband plan with high speed

The 50 MBPS speed plan comes with 30 GB data FUP. It priced at is ₹412, inclusive of GST.

This is the most basic plan Den has to offer and it’s what most people buy considering the affordability. However, if you want even more from your plan especially a lot of video streaming, you have the following plans.

Plan 2

The True Limitless Plan with Lesser Speed

A limitless plan that restricts you to 10MBPS broadband speed with 300 GB of data. Post this FUP you have 2MBPS truly unlimited speed.

This plan is capped at Rs.707. If you have competitors like Act Broadband or Airtel Broadband, you can get truly unlimited plans of at least 50 MBPS in your city. Otherwise, consider the plans below.

Plan 3

Best for moderate users!

A step higher plan than above, with 25MBPS internet speed available till 300GB FUP. And post-FUP the speed is capped at 5MPBS. This is broadband most suitable for a plan for 2-3 people using a lot of internet at home.

Price ₹943 including taxes.

Plan 4

For heavy hitters, and my personal recommendation for most home internet users.

My personal favorite has been this one, and I’ve been using it for quite a long time. prices have been reduced a lot every two years, and I recommend this one for heavy users with 4-5 people at home.

This plan offers a whopping 50MBPS broadband connection with a 300GB data limit. I wish the limit was higher like 500GB or 1TB considering this plan sot ₹1179 including taxes. But thankfully 10MBPS post FUP comes to the rescue if you still crave speed in a multiuser home and a lot of video viewers 😉

Beyond these broadband plans of 2021, you will find more information when you contact your local service provider. On the other hand, on Den broadband’s official website, they mention four ambiguous plans with no information on post-FUP usage.

Here are the broadband plans 2021 as per the website (which doesn’t allow any booking or proper contacts)

10 Mbps/90 GB FUP Starting at ₹1179

25 Mbps/60 GB Starting at ₹1298

20 Mbps/300 GB Starting at ₹2359

50 Mbps/300 GB Starting at ₹2949

These plans are probably only available in Tier 1 ad Tier 2 cities.

Den Broadband Plans For Offices and Commercial Spaces – 2021

Broadband Plan Name  Speed Mbps Data Limit (FUP) Post FUP Speed Validity Rental (₹) Rental + GST (₹)
Plan 5 10 Mbps 400 GB 5 Mbps 30 Days 749 884
Plan 6 20 Mbps 400 GB 10 Mbps 30 Days 999 1179
Plan 7 40 Mbps 400 GB 15 Mbps 30 Days 1499 1769
Plan 8 50 Mbps 400 GB 20 Mbps 30 Days 1749 2064


As mentioned above Den Broadband commercial plans of 2021 are offered from Plan 5 to Plan 8. The prices start from ₹884 and go as high as 2064 rupees including taxes. With a similar FUP structure and no truly unlimited plans, commercial customers get up to 400GB data limit across plans and post FUP speeds going as high as 20 MBPS.

Note that these and the home plans mentioned above may vary depending on your city or location.


Is Den broadband service worth the price?

Well, Den's biggest advantage is, it is widespread across many big and small cities and towns and even villages thanks to their prior cable network services. In my experience speeds above 5 or 10MBPS are good enough for 3-4 home users in general.

And Den is offering many unlimited plans at affordable rates especially if you're not in Tier 1 cities. For the rest of the country Den Broadband Plans in 2021 are definitely worth it. If you're in Tier 1 cities, players like Act and Airtel will have an upper hand with speed as well as value for money.

What is Den Broadband's Customer Care Number/Contact?

For existing customers-
Den's Customer Care/Support contact is –  0120-6175000
Support Email – [email protected]

How can I apply for New Den Broadband Service?

For new connections  Call Exclusive Support Phone Number – 7827278080 or get in touch with your local service provider.

Where can I change/update plans or pay bills for Den Broadband?

Visit the selfcare Den broadband portal here -


As suggested, Plan 4 is my recommendation if DEN is the best broadband service provider in your city in comparison. The service is reliable however their website is terrible for new connection seekers. So better use contacts provided above.

Do let me know how’s your experience of Den Broadband currently in the comments below.