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Artificial Intelligence Is Now Being Used in Background Checks

Running a background check on someone can be an overwhelming process, but it is often a crucial part of due diligence when it comes to hiring a new employee. Contrary to popular belief, there is no central database where all of the necessary information on an individual can be obtained. Without paying for a background check service, an employer will need to cross-reference several sources to get every piece of relevant information.

Fortunately, there are services available that help employers run background checks on prospective employees. A recent development in the background check niche is the implementation of AI in these systems that can sort through more online platforms (court records, social media profiles, driving records, etc.) and deliver relevant information at a faster pace and for a more affordable price. One of these companies is Check People.

AI for Studying Criminal Records

AI can help employers quickly gather information on criminal records by scanning multiple registries in minutes. Employers want to check sex offender registries, global watch lists, and state criminal records databases to make sure their prospective employee doesn’t have a history of illegal activity. What could take hours of human resources can be done within minutes with an AI program.

AI to Screen Social Media

Scrolling through a prospective employee’s social media profile can be a tedious but often necessary task for an employer. An individual’s social media profile is a window into their life and what they find valuable. Studying a person’s profile is a great way to get a holistic view of their personality. Companies want to make sure potential employees are not active on their social media in a way that could put the company at risk.

However, many companies don’t have the time to comb through months or even years of a person’s social media history and will instead use AI software to do the work. The AI software has been programmed to flag any posts that it deems inappropriate. The employer can then review these posts and determine if this excludes the individual from employment within their company.

Be Aware of AI’s Limitations

While the implementation of AI in the background check industry has made the service more affordable and efficient, there are potential downsides to using AI to help comb through a person’s background. Therefore, an employer must be aware of AI’s limitations to protect themselves and their company from litigation.

AI can make mistakes. When it comes to an error on a background check that could cost an individual a job opportunity, a company must ensure their information is accurate. Choosing not to hire someone based on false information could lead to a future lawsuit if the individual wants to take legal action.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if an employer finds a piece of information on a prospective employee’s background check that makes them ineligible for employment, they must let the individual know and give them the change to contest the information found in the report.

Accusing someone of a crime they did not commit is embarrassing and will deter qualified employees from wanting to work for your company. Fortunately, Check People has a convenient section on their website outlining the ‘Do’s and Don’t’ of running a background check and how to comply with the Fair Credit and Reporting Act.

Not Just for Employers

When people think of background checks, they immediately think of companies using background checks to find out about prospective employees. While this is true, individuals sometimes run across the need to conduct background checks.

Check People offers reverse phone lookup, which means you can find out who owns a particular phone number. This means you can catch a mysterious repeat caller in the act and give yourself peace of mind! Check People can even track an individual’s cyber footprint through a phone number so you would have access to an individual’s online activity such as social media profiles, blog posts, etc.

Check People offers unlimited searches for a single monthly subscription, so it is an excellent option for someone who expects to run background checks on multiple people.

AI in background check software is a great tool and makes these services more efficient and affordable. These services give employers peace of mind that they are hiring the right people, but they must be aware of AI’s limitations to protect themselves from potential litigation.

The website, Check People, is a leading player in the implementation of AI in background checks. They are working diligently to help employers hire the right people at an affordable price.