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7 Best Dog Breeds That Make Great Apartment Companions

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to skip out on having a canine companion. Instead, you just need to make sure that you match the breed to your living space. You’re not even limited to small dogs! There are a ton of animals with habits that work in an enclosed space, so read on for a sample of the many great apartment companions!

1. Greyhound

While greyhounds are mostly known for hitting the track at breakneck speeds, these dogs are actually well suited to the apartment life. They’re often called “high-speed couch potatoes” by their owners, owing to their habit of sleeping 16 or more hours per day.

These long boys still need a good amount of exercise, and a full-grown greyhound is a rather large dog. But larger apartments and daily walks take care of the problems with keeping them in an apartment.

As a bonus, many greyhounds are rescues from race tracks which would put them down at the end of their prime. Instead, you can give one a loving, peaceful home when it’s no longer fit for the racing life.

2. Basset Hound

Bassett hounds are a bit lazy, rather stubborn, and really loveable. These dogs do well in apartments thanks to their small stature and easy-going nature.

Bassets need training. They’re rather intelligent but not particularly obedient. They can be bull-nosed and extremely stubborn so a firm hand and a bit of experience is recommended.

That shouldn’t turn you off of these amazing scent hounds, however. Instead it just means they’ll need a bit more attention than many dogs, particularly when they’re pups and learning the ropes of interacting with humans.

The good boy potential in a Basset is incredible, and they fit pretty much everywhere.

3. Bulldog

Like them pudgy and cute? Bulldogs are far separated from their bull-baiting history but the breed maintains a large amount of popularity. It’s easy to see why as well.

The Bulldog is a gentle, relatively easy-going breed and they form tight bonds with their family members. Bulldogs are known for being particularly fond of children, so keep that in mind if you have little ones.

They’re a bit stubborn when being trained. In this area it’s mostly noticeable and not a real issue even for novice trainers. They’ll just take a bit longer to catch on to common commands.

Bulldogs are popular for a reason and they may be just right if you’re into it.

4. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a small companion dog with a unique look. Since they’re on the smaller side, they tend to work even for apartments but it’s their temperament that makes them perfect.

They’re calm for a small dog but they come in two varieties. The hairless Chinese Crested is a dignified looking dog that lacks most of the hair across their body, resulting in a face and sometimes neck that has hair.

The other variation is called a Powderpuff and they tend to have great, long coats of hair. The difference is huge, but they’re the same dog.

Which you go with likely depends on the look you want. They’re great dogs all-around and a perfect addition to the family of an apartment dweller.

5. Keeshond

The Keeshond is like a larger Pomeranian. A gigantic ball of fluff rather than a tiny one, but they still work for apartment dogs. Possibly better than their smaller cousins.

A good comparison with its smaller relative is cappuccino versus espresso. The Pomeranian is an espresso: small but with enormous energy potential. A Keeshond is by no means a lazy dog, but they’re larger and it seems to have spread the hyper out a little bit.

The good news is that these dogs rarely suffer from genetic defects that plague many breeds. They’re generally healthy and long-lived for their size. They also have an interesting history for those who look into their origins.

The Keeshond isn’t the most popular dog out there, but those who’ve chosen to make one part of their family are very rarely let down by their loyal and loving nature.

6. Pug

Of course these cuties were going to make the list. Pugs are excellent companion dogs, very loyal, and they’re possibly the sweetest breed overall in temperament.

They do have some health problems to look forward to in many cases. It’s an unfortunate reality of the breed, the pushed-in face can cause problems breathing as they get older and they can’t be exercised too heavily

Of course, most of that falls by the wayside when one is actually in your arms. They’re small, easygoing, and a great dog for those living in apartments.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are a relatively energetic breed, but they’re still a good dog for enclosed living. They’ll just need their walks to be a bit longer than most breeds on this list.

Yorkshire terrier tend to get along with people, animals, and whatever else may happen along the way. They can be a bit yappy during the day but good training and a bit of strategy will keep it from becoming a huge issue.

Either way, they’re not only some of the best… they’re also common dogs for people living in small spaces. Take a look into them if you think you can handle these adorable, loveable dogs.

Finding an Apartment Ready Companion

Living in an apartment has its perks, but many people don’t think they have much of a choice when it comes to picking a dog. The good news is that there are many breeds that work well with smaller living spaces, of all sizes! Do your research before you commit, but you may very well have a canine companion in your home soon!