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6 Party Theme Ideas For Your next Event

If you’re hosting a party, one factor that’s almost guaranteed to make it a success is a good theme. This gives guests something to get excited about, plus helps you to choose what food and drink to serve, how to decorate the venue, and what music to play. Plus, it can be a fantastic excuse to dress up! Looking for the right theme for your event? Here are six ideas to get you started.

1. Alice in Wonderland

Set up your own version of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with this quirky theme. Think vintage crockery, ‘drink me’ labels on mini bottles of gin, and, of course, plenty of cake. When it comes to decoration, you’ll definitely want to include the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat somewhere, as well as the Queen of Hearts. Plus, you can include croquet as the perfect party game!

2. Beach Party

Everyone loves a beach party, and the best part about theming your event this way is that you don’t need to worry about the weather raining on your parade. Palm trees and seashells make great decorations, and you can serve colorful cocktails, complete with little umbrellas to channel those tropical vibes. If you want to be extra authentic, have some ocean sounds playing on loop in the background.

3. Fairground Fun

Awaken your inner child with this playful party theme. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep guests active with carnival games – for that extra special touch, have some mini prizes up for grabs for the winners. Popcorn and cotton candy make perfect on-theme snacks and be sure to have lots of balloons around the room for decoration.

4. Harry Potter

Add a touch of magic to the evening by inviting your guests to your own school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ask people to show up in their chosen house colors, or even as their favorite character, then place plenty of candles around the room to get the right atmosphere (flameless LED ones are best for safety, especially if you’re serving alcohol). Chocolate frogs and butterbeer are must-have menu items, and the soundtracks from the films make great ready-made playlists.

5. Vegas Casino

Decadence is the name of the game with this theme. Keep the lighting low and the drinks flowing, with lots of dice and playing cards on your decorations. To really nail the atmosphere, consider hiring in a professional company like Event Bartenders to make sure everyone’s glasses are topped up. You could even set up some game tables for people to try their luck!

6. Murder Mystery

For something truly memorable, host a murder mystery event. Like a live-action version of Clue, guests must work together to figure out who committed the crime over the course of the evening. You can buy kits online to set up the story, which will give you all the information you need about the characters, the plot, the clues, costume ideas, and so on. It’s a bit more involved than a normal party, and your guests must be willing to get into character and play along, but the effort is well worth it!