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5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need Blogs

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to enhance your online visibility and generate clicks to your main service website. Most healthcare service providers still don’t have blogs, and emerging practices are being lulled into believing they don’t need it. The answer to whether or not you need a blog is a resounding “yes.” This article shows you why.

1.   Blogs provide an additional traffic source

If filled with the right content and created with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, a practice blog can serve as an additional traffic source. Unlike posting in third party blogs, having your own blog provides a platform for links to your landing pages and lets you insert call-to-actions (CTAs) directly into the content. For this reason alone, blogging earns itself a place among the most effective marketing ideas for medical organizations.

2.   It answers patient questions

It is not uncommon for patients to be curious about what goes into their bodies and why a certain procedure or treatment is preferred to another one. You can save yourself time by creating blog posts that describe common procedures, the patients they are suitable for, their cons and pros, average recovery times, and more.

3.   Blogging increases your credibility

Comprehensive elucidation of medical procedures is good for patients, as it helps them understand what their bodies are up against. It is also beneficial to the practice in that it shows patients that the doctors there know what they are doing. That is why every healthcare provider should ensure they create accurate and engaging content before uploading on their blog. You can do this by being involved directly in blogging or ensuring your content is reviewed by a medical professional.

4.   A blog portrays you as helpful

Blogs have no direct monetary benefit to a brand. Their work is to inform and only fetch business as a spinoff effect. It should go without saying that most blog visitors don’t end up clicking on those CTAs sprinkled in blog content. They are there just for the information or to familiarize themselves with a procedure because they might need it in the future. Most healthcare providers view that as a failure, but it actually enhances their practice’s reputation and places it at the top of the pile if and when the readers decide to seek medical services in the future.

5.   Blogging makes you more human

Many people outside the healthcare field view doctors and nurses as superhuman in a way; they deal with people at their worst with so much calmness and composure and still manage to go about their lives normally. While doctors and individuals in the medical world deserve all the praise and admiration, it may paint them as unapproachable. Blogs make healthcare professionals express themselves and show patients that they are as human as anyone.


In a world where search engines determine online visibility and credibility and repute are largely dictated by online content, healthcare professionals have every reason to set up blogs. Make sure to understand your target audience and pay attention to SEO for effective and favorable blogging.

Image Credit- Pixabay