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5 Local Mobile Apps Dominating Nigeria

Africa is where the focus is right now. The wave of investment coming into the continent has continually soared over the past years. The competition level in the United States and Europe has turned the heads of many angel investors towards startups in Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa.

Nigeria being one of the prominent countries in Africa has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention being paid to build startups in Africa. There are a couple of successful apps that have been built as a result of this and we’re going to be highlighting them today.

Asides the level of success gained by these startups based on acceptance in the market, the design of the apps have revolutionized how apps have been designed in Africa. From the best web design agency  in the country helping in the design of the apps to the apps being well marketed by the best social media agencies, mobile apps in Nigeria have really come a long way.

Listed below are the top 5 apps that have been designed and developed locally in Nigeria is an auction-based marketplace catering to the Nigerian market. The online platform began as a web-based app before the mobile app was created. Jiji’s aggressive marketing has garnered attention and the web app has received a lot of downloads.


This is an app for personal finance with its major focus being personal savings. The app is has a minimalistic and clean feel to it with its functions very easy to spot and use. Cowrywise has been on a steady rise in the past year as news of its efficiency has been spread via word of mouth and social media amongst the personal finance communities and the country at large.

Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa is a digital bank app that allows you to open a digital account and transact using the same account. Nigerians can now at the comfort of their homes open bank accounts, have access to dollar cards for international transactions and make local payments also. The app which initially focused on Nigeria and began as has recently rebranded to to make clear its plan to expand to other African markets.


Cable TV has skyrocketed in Nigeria since the introduction of GOtv. Prior to GOtv, DSTV was the dominant cable network in the country but its pricey model kept the lower class families in the country from switching to cable TV. Multichoice, DSTV’s parent company decided to create GOtv as a cheaper alternative to the pricey DSTV cable service. myGOtv app is basically used to make payments for cable subscriptions and contact the support team and it’s obvious why so many people in the country have this app— GOtv is very cheap and owned by a large portion of the country.

Jumia Online Shopping App

Jumia is the biggest eCommerce store in Nigeria and it only makes sense for a lot of people to have it downloaded to their phones. While the issue with online shopping in Nigeria isn’t traffic but the need to establish trust such that users buy more online, the Jumia app is well-positioned to accommodate enormous growth that may come its way when Nigerians do decide to shop more online.