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Who is Darth Revan?

Did you know that Star Wars legends content has a character who is literally Anakin Skywalker crossed with Din Jarin (the Mandalorian)? If you’re a die-hard fan, you’ll be asking yourself “Is he talking about Darth Revan or Tarre Vizsla?”. Well, today we’re going to focus on the dark lord.

Some of the richest, most fleshed out, and interesting characters in the Star Wars universe are never seen in the three main trilogies. Star Wars Legends has a pantheon of interesting and powerful heroes, villains, force users, smugglers, and bounty hunters. If you keep reading, you’ll learn about one of the galaxy far far away’s most interesting characters.

Revan’s Beginning

Revan’s origins are typical of any Jedi youngling. He was born far in the outer rim around 3994 before the battle of Yavin (BBY). The Jedi would take him to the Jedi Temple for training during his infancy.

He was noted to have exceptional talents with the force and quickly ascended the ranks and became a Jedi Knight alongside his friend Alek. Both Alek and Revan were eager learners, but also notably brash and careless for Jedi.

The Mandalorian Wars and the Revanchist

While Revan was a Jedi Knight, the Mandalorians lead a military campaign against the republic. Much to Revan’s chagrin, the Jedi council opted not to get involved. So Revan and Alek (now called Malak) rallied a group of Jedi to command the Old Republic forces against the Mandalorians. Revan was hailed as a brilliant commander and quickly defeated Mandalore the Ultimate.

At the end of the conflict, Revan and Malak disappeared far beyond the known regions. There they encountered a hidden Sith Empire and turned to the dark side. The next time Revan appeared in galactic history, it was as Darth Revan.

Darth Revan and The Jedi Civil War

Now corrupted by the dark side, Darth Revan and his new apprentice Darth Malak launched a new offensive, this time against the republic. Ironic, since the Jedi taught Darth Revan lightsaber combat and how to wield the Force. Using an ancient Sith weapon, the Dark Lords quickly amassed an army and navy large enough to devastate the Republic.

In a desperate mission to turn the tides of the war, Bastila Shan wiped Revan’s memory with the force. It is at this point that fans meet Revan for the first time.

Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic forms part of the golden age of Star Wars gaming. You start out playing Knights of the Old Republic as some guy who wakes up on a Hammerhead Cruiser about to be turned into space debris by the Sith fleet. Your buddy on board shoves you into an escape pod and blasts you to safety on the surface of Taris, where the game’s story begins.

As the story progresses, you learn that you are Revan! You recover your memories and play in an RPG style defeating the sith Empire and Darth Malak. What makes Revan so unique is that he is one of the only Star Wars characters to equally master the light side and the dark side of the Force

No Match for the Power of the Dark Side

Darth Revan is one of the most powerful and unique characters in the Star Wars universe, being one of the only Star Wars characters to equally master the light side and the dark side of the Force.

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