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What Can You Learn From Playing Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games are more than just an opportunity to play and have fun, they are an opportunity to learn. When you play these games, you are developing important life skills, and you may not even be aware. Here is a quick guide to some of the key skills anyone of any age can learn and develop when they play a fantasy game. Next time you are role-playing, consider how you are building your own characteristics and not just the characteristics of the character you are playing.

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Fantasy Teaches Creativity

When you play fantasy games, you get to choose your own path and write your character’s story. Each journey is individual which lets you play fantasy games over and over again. The level of customization available means that not only do you create your own story, but you also create your character too.

From their picking special skills, to then building their attributes, and then choosing their name, you have complete creative control over your experience in the game. Choosing a fun name is your first challenge, but there is help out there to get the ball rolling. There are some great online resources for choosing fantasy names to help make a start and then go out into the fantasy realm and begin your character’s journey.

Decision Making And Consequences

Every fantasy game is filled with decisions you have to make, and each decision has consequences that can influence the rest of your playing experience. Weighing up these choices and contemplating the consequences reflects a lot of the decisions we have to make in life. In some ways, fantasy games are a place you can practice making choices that will have repercussions and deciding the path you will take.

Your character’s story and development can teach you a lot about your own life and how the choices you make influence your future. Fantasy games can also help you learn how to create your own opportunities and give yourself more options in life. Never underestimate the lessons that can be learned from playing fantasy role-playing games and the safe space they offer to make mistakes without experiencing real-world consequences.

Math, Probability, And Strategy

These three skills are incredibly important when playing fantasy games, and they are incredibly important in life too. By transferring these skills from a fantasy game into your life, you will enjoy more success at work, in education, and in social situations. Strategy is a very important skill in life and in gaming, and by utilizing it, you can excel at work and play.

Fantasy games are great for developing your math skills. Every game uses math to help your character grow their stats and engage in combat. The more you develop your math, the better a player you will be. These skills can easily be transferred to many aspects of your life, especially your personal finances. Developing your mathematic abilities through playing fantasy games is a fun way to learn.

Experiencing New Perspectives

Playing fantasy games give players a chance to take on new personas and experience new perspectives. The characters in role-playing and fantasy games can have different genders, races, and personal histories from the player, and all these aspects influence the story and the journey both the character and player experience. This can be eye-opening to many players, especially younger players.

Seeing social situations from different perspectives gives people an opportunity to learn how different all people are and how their personal histories can affect how they engage with others. Fantasy games can teach empathy and understanding in a way that cannot be achieved in a classroom or workshop setting. The more you play fantasy role-playing games, the more you will learn about others and yourself.

Leadership, Intellect, And Charisma

Part of playing fantasy games is leading a team, or being led. This is an opportunity for anyone to learn how to lead a team, work to its strengths, and inspire others. Learning about leadership can help anyone excel in both their work life and their social life. Teaching these skills in a traditional learning setting is difficult, but playing fantasy games makes it easy and players can develop these skills at their own pace.

Another part of playing these games is interaction, with both other live players and with non-player characters. These interactions affect your progress through the game, with successful interactions leading to success in the game. By learning how to interact with people, work collaboratively, and create lasting relationships, players are gaining important skills that will help them in every aspect of their life.

Fantasy games are a lot of fun, but they also provide a lot of opportunities for self-development and personal growth. Next time you are playing a fantasy role-playing game, consider what it has to teach you about life and how you can use the skills you are learning to develop yourself socially and at work.