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What All Beginners Should Know About Online Casino Bonuses

Without a doubt, everybody has heard of casino bonuses. In land-based venues, casino bonuses usually take the form of free drinks or loyalty programs for high-stake players and casino regulars. Surely, having a drink or two while you play is great, but would it not be better if you could get a bonus cash prize instead? However great land-based casino bonuses might be, they are not as great as online casino bonuses.

Online casino bonuses offer players considerably better bonuses than their land-based counterparts. Usually, online casino bonuses take the form of cash prizes, free spins, poker bonus money, etc. However, there is one thing about online bonuses that makes them rather unpleasant – the wagering requirements.  Of course, experienced online casino players know what I am talking about. Unexperienced players, on the other hand, have no idea.

In order to have an enjoyable casino experience, beginners should learn the basics about online casino bonuses.

Choose the Right Casino

First and foremost – always examine the casino first and the bonus later. As you probably know, new casinos are launched every day. But not all of them are safe. Instead putting your funds and personal information at risk (as most casino bonuses require an initial deposit and an account), it is better to choose a renown online establishment.

Renown establishments protect their brand name with all their might. What is more, they tend to offer better bonuses, and offer their clients ultimate layers of security.

Know the Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are multipliers, i.e., they show the number of times a bonus amount must be played before winnings could be withdrawn. To put it simply, casinos gives you a cash bonus, but they require you to wager it a specified amount of times before you can withdraw it. It should be noted that wagering requirements vary for different casinos. In fact, they also vary for each bonus type.

I would advise novices to read casino bonus wagering requirements thoroughly before claiming a bonus. You know, a bonus might sound really attractive, but there is no point in claiming it if it has outstanding wagering requirements. Look for casino bonuses with lower wagering requirements and you will make a right choice.

Know Which Games Are Eligible And Which Are Not

Another important thing about casino bonuses is game eligibility. As mentioned above, you need to stake your bonus amount a specific number of times before being able to withdraw any winnings. However, some games do not contribute to the wagering requirement in full – rather, they contribute by percentage. Blackjack bets, for example, do not count the same as slot bets. It is important to check out game eligibility before claiming a bonus; playing a game you do not like simply to fulfill the wagering requirements takes the fun out of gambling.

Know That Size Matters

Okay, the size of the bonus is far from the most important thing. Nonetheless, it is an important factor that should not be undermined. After all, casino bonuses can potentially increase your winnings.

The bonus amount varies in every casino, yet most operators offer cash bonuses between £100 and £1000. Furthermore, some casinos have additional bonuses for high rollers which are of substantially bigger amount. Of course, they also have higher wagering requirements.

Know Bonuses’ Expiry Date

Most casino operators award players bonuses which are customer-friendly in terms of expiry date. Usually, you will have between seven and thirty days to meet the wagering requirements of a bonus. However, you should keep in mind that not all bonus types have the same expiry date, so it is always a good idea to check the expiry date of a bonus you are about to claim.

Know That Not All Bonuses Are Cashable

Whereas it is true that there are tens of bonuses available at each casino, all of them fall into one of two categories – cashable or non-cashable bonuses. Generally, if you are able to withdraw the bonus amount once you fulfill all wagering requirements, then the bonus is cashable. Conversely, non-cashable casino bonuses can not be withdrawn even when the wagering requirements are met. Essentially, non-cashable bonuses, also known as “phantom” bonuses, are money given by the casino to play, not to withdraw. When you have met the wagering requirements of a non-cashable bonus and you make a withdraw, the bonus amount will disappear from your bankroll and hence the term “phantom” bonuses.

Some players misnomer non-cashable bonuses, claiming they are sticky bonuses. In truth, sticky bonuses “stick” to your casino account even when a withdrawal is made. Thus, you are able to wager it again and potentially win more. Nowadays, sticky bonuses are very rare.

As you can see, cashable bonuses are more valuable than non-cashable bonuses in that they can be withdrawn. However, cashable bonuses are of smaller amount than their non-cashable counterparts.