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Trends and Disruptions That Changed The Gaming Landscape

We live in a dynamic and disruptive period. New companies and start-ups are continuously making their breakthrough on the market. They come along with the potential to change the way we live, do business and entertain ourselves.

If there is one industry that has marked a significant change thanks to technology, it is undoubtedly the online casino industry. This industry has been in the spotlight of technological innovations for the past decade. It consists of many niche markets, covering everything from video to slot games.

Today, the Internet has allowed people to access and play casino games without visiting a land-based casino. They can simply register on a website they trust and choose from the list of available games. The slots are among the most played online casino games. Their appealing design and seamless gameplay attract a wide range of players, even those who prefer traditional casino gaming experience. If you are a fan of the galaxy, zero-gravity inspired games with a retro colourful vibe, check out this slot game Starburst at SlotsWise. Even though it is not the latest release from NetEnt, this game managed to stay on the list of top favourite online slots games between players.

There are several trends that this industry is currently witnessing. We will talk about a few that completely changed the online gaming experience.

Accessibility of devices

One of the big trends that game developers are dealing with is the various choice of devices we use to access the Internet. The days when we could be online only from our desktop computer are long gone. Nowadays, every new console comes with an ability to access the internet, and so are our smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. This is a great opportunity for game developers to focus on a certain product, whether that’s based upon the platform or the mechanism. Providers focus on making games that use a premium model or rely on downloadable extensions.

This leads to another area of online gaming that’s already experiencing a disruption. This refers to the way developers monetize their products. The gaming industry is still experimenting in this field, with everything from micropayments to crowdfunding and cryptocurrency.

Virtual Reality

Another technology that made a big difference in the gaming experience is virtual reality (VR). In recent years, industries such as automobile, gaming and tourism have explored the possibilities to integrate VR features appropriate for the business. For the casino games, VR enables the best of the virtual and real-world on a single platform. In general, VR helps the customers to play any game they like, offering them the experience of playing in a land-based venue or a futuristic set-up. Players can walk around, chat with others and even play different games.

Player demographics

While technology has changed the gaming landscape, it has also influenced the player’s demographics. A generation of kids who grew up on Nintendo is now heading into their early thirties. This time, though, they’re buying games, consoles and computers for themselves besides for their children.

Statistics show the average player is 31 years old and that now there are more players over the age of 36 than between 20 to 30. The number of females that love gaming rapidly increased which means that this industry is becoming more democratic. This opens up a new opportunity because different demographics are interested in different types of gaming experience. With the average household including at least two gamers, developers can afford to target niche audiences. By focusing on a specific task, developers can easily take over entire segments of the market. This way, they will build up a reputation and power up their portfolio by overtaking the competitors.


When it comes to the online gaming industry, disruption is not something that can be avoided – it is the new norm. Developers and manufacturers are torn between hardware and software updates. This means they have more resources than ever before, allowing them to test ideas that were previously hard to imagine.

This is very good news for established companies and passionate players. The digital era moves with the speed of lightning and the only way to stay relevant to the market is to constantly innovate. The competition will push the bigger companies to make that bold move before some start-up comes along and does it for them. It’s an exciting time to witness the changes in the gaming industry and be part of the gaming community.