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SuperCric Raises Angel Funding from Nordanvind Gaming for India’s first ‘Cricket Manager’ Platform

AnalytIQ Sports Technologies, a Bangalore based sports tech start-up of the Kabbadi Adda fame has raised an angel funding of an undisclosed amount for India’s first ‘Cricket Manager’ simulation game ‘SuperCric’. This funding is raised from Malta based company, Nordanvind Gaming. Pontus Lemberg, Director of Nordanvind Gaming, already owns other cricket and content assets in India. Now he wants to reflect their deepened understanding of the Indian Markets and make active investments in gaming assets in India.

SuperCric, built with a proprietary simulation tool, is developed as a first of its kind sports engagement tool which will facilitate better decision making for the invested cricket fan. In a new genre of game play – fans are putting their cricket intelligence and judgement against the traditional knowledge of teams. Can you outsmart Rohit or MSD on the field is the real question?

The funds raised by SuperCric will be used to invest deeply in product development and customer acquisition. The company plans to launch the game and expand its user base to 10 million by the end of the IPL.

Suhail Chandhok, founder, SuperCric and IPL presenter
Suhail Chandhok, founder, SuperCric and IPL presenter

SuperCric is the brainchild of ex-cricketer and Indian Premier League (IPL) presenter,Suhail Chandhok and IITM trio Srikanth Viswanathan, husband-wife entrepreneurial duo of Arvind Sivdas and Dhanya Param who also co-own Kabaddi Adda. This platform is the Kabaddi world’s fastest-growing digital content & distribution platform which offers deep insight into the Kabaddi ecosystem with an audience over 28 million+.

The Simulation tool has been built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered proprietary cricket simulator based on real historical match data worldwide. Cricket fans can now put on their Captain’s hat and see how each choice they make in the game has an implication on the outcome of the match. By testing their choices and gauging the possible outcomes through this tool, fantasy players have an opportunity to widen their chances of winning bigger in their fantasy games this IPL.

SuperCric is not a fantasy platform but an ideal tool for fantasy gamers to make smarter choices and provide them with the probability of a win with 90% accuracy rate. In the immediate future, SuperCric aims to target every fan tuned into this year’s IPL with viewership numbers expected to be in excess of 600million people across India.

A former professional sportsman hailing from 3 generations of Sport, Suhail Chandhok is currently one of India’s leading Sports Presenters & Commentators, having been the face & voice of global sporting properties such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pro Kabaddi League, Wimbledon Tennis, among several others. Chandhok played professional Cricket in Australia & the UK and enjoyed a stint with the IPL’s Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009 & 10.

Many cricketers like Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Kapil Dev, etc have been seen making a beeline and moving from the cricket space into the online cricket ecosystem. Suhail being an ex-cricketer and a sports presenter this IPL, has now joined this bandwagon too. He will now take this opportunity to reflect his experience and knowledge gathered over the years in SuperCric.

According to Suhail Chandhok Co-Founder, SuperCric, “The gaming ecosystem is at the cusp of disruption. COVID has pushed the market to explore and embrace games faster. The data economy with more time on hand for users points to an even bigger future for the industry. Investors are recognizing this and lining up to being new genres itself into this market.”

According to Pontus Lemberg, investor in SuperCric, “I see tremendous potential in the future of the nascent Indian Gaming industry. As users get more sophisticated there will be a demand and need for more sophisticated products and solutions. With Kabaddi Adda the team at AnalytIQ has demonstrated the ability to deliver what the audience in India wants. I am taking baby steps into this market and hope to get deeply involved in the gaming industry.” aims to grab maximum interest during the upcoming IPL. The simulator game, which is currently focused on IPL teams, is soon also introducing weekly tournaments with prize pools. The addition of free tournaments with winnings in SuperCric is expected to further boost the interest from its target audience.