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Six Top Players That Didn’t Play In the 2020/21 Season Yet

The new season of the European football started almost three months ago but until now some players, who are currently in some big clubs inside of Europe, still didn’t have the chance to play.

Some suffered injuries and still didn’t recover, while others are facing problems with the club’s chairman, and there are still those who just don’t please the managers enough to get a chance to play. With it, there are a few players, well-known worldwide, that still didn’t have the chance to show their skills not even in one single match.

Today, author Kate Richardson brings to you the 6 top players in European football that didn’t have the chance to play in this season yet.

Mesut Ozil

Among the players who won the World Cup in 2014 with Germany and the biggest salary from Arsenal’s squad, the midfielder is basically on vacation in London. After his fight with manager Arteta and also the football director of the club, Ozil just disappeared from Arsenal matches.

His last match for the Gunners was in March, before the stoppage of football and until now he didn’t have a chance to play again. However, soon Ozil may be back to the pitch, as his contract will finally come to an end and he will have to search for a new club to continue his career.

Samuel Umtiti

World Champion with France just two years ago, the defender suffered with so many injuries during the last season that Barcelona don’t even think about counting with him for the rest of the season.

The last time Umtiti entered on the pitch was on June the 27th. After that, he started feeling pain on his left knee once again and stopped playing. Honestly, it is possible that the number 23 won’t be an option to Ronald Koeman anymore, as the club wants to sell him on the next transfer window. Clubs like Juventus, from Italy, and Everton, from England, are interested in the defender.

Sami Khedira

Another World Champion with Germany in 2014, the midfielder lived in a similar situation from Umtiti. Khedira has suffered a lot of injuries in the last few years and that has made Juventus think that it is not possible to recover him completely.

Because of that, the Italian club didn’t put his name on the squad for the competitions this year. The good news for the German is that his contract will finish in June and, due to the circumstances, he will probably be able to transfer to another club for free. Some English clubs have already shown interest in the midfielder.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Another player who suffered with injuries. The midfielder even stopped playing for an entire year (during the 2018/19 season) due to a problem on his knee ligament, which required surgery. Chamberlain was even able to play the 2019/20 season without bigger problems, but started feeling pain once again during the pre season.

The good news for manager Jurgen Klopp, who is having a difficult time as many important Liverpool players have suffered injuries, is that the midfielder is already back to training with the ball and will probably be available soon.

Gabriel Martinelli

The main young Brazilian last season in Europe, Martinelli scored 10 goals in 26 matches for Arsenal. With that, many expected him to be part of the team and one of the main players of the Gunners, and that would probably have happened if he didn’t injure his knee.

Because of that, the young player lost the end of last season and still wasn’t able to play this new season. However, according to Arsenal medical staff, Martinelli will probably be ready to come back to the pitch in January.

Marcos Rojo

The Argentine defender was one of the main players of Manchester United during a long time and even participated in two World Cups with his country, however, in recent seasons, he didn’t show the same football, making a lot of mistakes. Due to that, United’s staff just got tired of him.

So, in January, the player went on a loan to Estudiantes, back in Argentina. However, with the stoppage of football, he basically didn’t have the chance to play, participating in only one match. With that, he had to go back to United, but not to the main squad, but the United B.

His future is unknown. He may wait until the end of his contract, which will happen only in July 2021, or he may find a new club in the next transfer window.


Some of these players still have a lot to show, like Chamberlain and Martinelli, but others may have more difficulty convincing big clubs that they still have the skills and the strength to play in 1st level competitions.

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