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Rise of Gaming Hardware Market Thanks to China’s eSports Industry

The gaming industry has showcased an exponential growth worldwide, and China has emerged as the obvious leader in the industry thanks to their obsession with gaming. Gaming hardware being the dependent industry has enjoyed the free rally thanks to the rise of China’s eSports industry.

By its nature eSports brings more and more gamers together with a different skillset. Most us might not have the skillset to play every game like pro gamers, but we certainly do love watching pro-gamers execute each other with jaw-dropping headshots.

Pro gamers, their teams, their merchandise and most importantly the gaming hardware they use is what casual gamers fancy, and has offered a much-needed visibility to PC gaming brands like HuyperX, Logitech, BenQ Zowie & Razor. Apart from these products, gamers are buying expensive accessories like gaming chairs and whatnot, giving the overall revenue of the gaming hardware industry a big push.

Another trend emerging among the spectators is esports betting, and now gamers are trying to make most of their game-watching experience. They are being a part of it, paying for it, and want to get rewarded with their choice of best pro-gamers team. Digital betting on esports being legal in many of the countries, there are no boundaries for this subsection of the industry grow to a massive scale.

While companies like Logitech is sponsoring pro gamers at the world stage, the pro-gamers from India has received sponsorship from brands like BenQ Zowie & Nvidia for the recent world qualifier that took place in Bengaluru. These sponsorship is allowing game hardware brands to showcase their products from 240Hz Monitors, precision mechanical keyboards to near realistic sounding gaming headsets.

eSports has become the world stage where gamers are spending most of their time, and for gaming hardware brands to succeed, they are being present at events, sponsoring world, national and even local events, and allowing gamers to try and get the feel of their expensive gaming gear.

A leader in the segment Logitech mentioned that 18% of gaming accessories of their total global sales are from the gaming accessories, followed by their leading products like Mice and keyboards. Gamer’s are a significant part of their business, and they will continue the focus on gaming tournaments happening in China and rest of the Asian countries.

Razer also recently announced that they have emerged as one of top gaming peripherals brands according to recent Alibaba’s Singl’s Day Shopping Festival that happens yearly on November 11th.

Another leading gaming and professional monitors brand BenQ Zowie India’s MD  Mr. Rajeev Singh said to us in an exclusive interview that, “We are getting the highest response from smaller cities and towns, and there are lot of gamers out there who are willing to buy gaming hardware if they can get the hands-on experience with them.  Our sales have drastically improved for previously launched 144Hz gaming monitors after we started meeting gamers at events and giving them hands-on experience with our technology. This is the reason we have committed to sponsoring and promoting gaming culture in India & rest of the world.”