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Orangutan Gaming unveils South Asia’s Finest Training Facility known as THE FOREST

Orangutan gaming, one of India’s youngest and fastest growing Esports organizations reveals its very own Training Facility after over 1.5 years of being under construction, Orangutan has finally unveiled their Esports training facility known as ‘The Forest. ‘

This very own Training Facility adors international standard architecture and sheds light on the bright future of Esports in India. The Forest is South Asia’s finest esports training facility and is now open to the world. Right from the front door to the terrace, the facility explains how Orangutan has envisioned esports and lives of the athletes & content creators making a career in this rapidly growing industry.

Yash Bhanushali, Founder at Orangutan, said “The future of esports has unlimited potential, and to achieve it to the fullest, you need a state-of-the-art training facility. The Forest is now getting decked up with more rosters, and content creators to show that while we are here to take part, we work with the mission to take over. This is just the beginning for Orangutan and there is a lot more to come.”

The Forest is a 15,000 sq.ft, 4 story training facility for Orangutans competitive teams and content creators. It houses Esports rooms for all the games, namely BGMI, FreeFire & Valorant. The facility is content friendly and also houses its content creators who create some exclusive content for their supporters.

Jai Shah, Co-Founder at Orangutan, added “To create what I possibly believe is South Asia’s finest Esports training facility, there are a lot of intricacies involved. We have spent countless hours building every corner of this house and it feels surreal to see this turn into a reality. The importance of a good training facility has reflected in the motivation our athletes have shown, and now that we’ve set the bar, we only plan on setting the next bar higher.”

Orangutan has customized their entire facility in such a way that each room has its own persona and is different from the rest. The 4-floor facility houses 22 people, 4 gaming rooms, streaming rooms, a content room, editors’ arena, gym, and various other facilities. That’s not about it, it also consists of a VOD room for the teams to strategize and ensure that they come back stronger each time they get on the field.

Orangutan has left no stone unturned and has gone to the levels of giving each streaming room a customized look and customized peripherals, which includes the mouse, headphones, microphone and keyboard.

The reveal video has been posted on Orangutans very own YouTube channel called Orangutan TV and has garnered over 500K views in a week and has received appreciation and recognition for the work that they have done in their Esports training facility. Along with the efforts that they have made to make Esports in India to compete closely with organizations internationally.