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The New iPhone Revolutionizes Advanced AR Gaming

Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer a new technology. Because it works with existing smartphones like the iPhone and can be used more naturally in daily life, unlike virtual reality technology that requires putting on a headset, many tech observers foresee AR becoming widely used and potentially changing the way we do many things today.

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The new iPhone X paves the way for a whole new world of AR gaming. With more people able to afford the iPhone by taking advantage of the available deals, consumers are set to enjoy AR gaming in the palm of their hands. Thanks to advanced chips and wireless technology, AR application in the mobile world appears to be destined for significant development.

Here’s what you need to know about augmented reality on an iPhone.

Immersive Mobile Gaming

Apple revealed their latest devices: the iPhone 8 and X in a recent special event. The company managed to wow the audience and millions of online viewers with a sneak peek at their first competitive multiplayer specifically designed to be played entirely in AR. The game is called ‘The Machines’, and it looks stunning.

With its immersive features, the game has opened up a whole new dimension of how companies should develop advanced AR gaming. Augmented reality is fast becoming the preferred application technology for gaming. With an iPhone, all you need is an app platform that offers augmented reality: the ARKit.

Apple’s ARKit

The ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality platform, was first announced back at Apple’s WWDC. It’s no doubt Apple’s big bet on bringing advanced AR gaming to mainstream consumers. Since the ARKit framework is already available to developers, we’ve seen some stunning AR gaming demos that show off how powerful the technology can be on the iPhone.

Unlike experimental AR projects that end up making their way to only a small number of niche smartphones from third-party manufacturers, Apple’s ARKit allows millions of customers around the world, practically anyone with a more recent iPhone, to use the AR platform to enjoy more sophisticated and interactive gaming.

Apple’s ARKit was made available to developers earlier this year in June, with the first batch of advanced AR games now hitting the App Store. While AR gaming is not new on mobile; we saw the highly successful Pokemon Go last year. With Apple’s ARKit integration with the latest iOS 11, gaming enthusiasts can expect more AR games and apps in the next few years.

Notable AR Apps for iPhone

Image Credit – Pixabay

If you’re interested in learning more about augmented reality on an iPhone, you have to check out the some of the great AR apps available in the market.

  • Pokemon Go – The smash hit game
  • Zombies Go – A zombie-based game
  • Vivino – Take photos of wines you drink for instant app recognition
  • Amikasa – Superimpose furniture into your rooms before buying
  • Makeup Genius – See how a particular makeup will look on your face before application
  • String – See printed special images come to 3D life.

While not all mentioned apps above are gaming apps, having a look at these AR applications available on Apple Store gives you a basic demonstration of how AR technology works, as well as delivering the ‘wow’ factor.

The Future of AR on iPhone

The AR features built into Apple’s iOS 11 combined with the impressive hardware to support them in the new iPhone X are definitely leading the way in advancing AR gaming on mobile. Even cooler, there are rumors that Apple may be working on a special headset that comes with built-in immersive AR features, paving the way for a more exciting world of AR gaming.

There is a lot to look forward to in the world of augmented reality and Apple, known for its track record of making technology fashionable and easy to integrate into our day-to-day lives, will continue to be one of the leading innovators that developers will be looking at as they revolutionize AR on smartphones.