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How to Create a Gaming Logo for Your Channel

There is lots of money invested in the gaming industry. When developing a game, whether it’s as a console game or in an app, you’ll want your game to have the best chance of success. As we’ll see, having a strong visual identity for your game using a logo and slogan is a key element of your game’s success.

The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, from nearly 78.61 billion in 2017 according to WEPC:

The growth of gaming is underlined by the growth of the internet and different gaming platforms like smart-phone game apps. Apple’s App Store alone has more than 90,000 game apps, a growth of 1,400% since it went online. In addition, game revenues for iOS and Android mobile devices now exceed those of both Nintendo and Sony handheld gaming systems combined according to Wikipedia. So there is a massive proliferation of games out there, and more competition than ever.

What’s needed then is a strong gaming brand to help your game stand out, and in branding nothing is more useful than an attractive logo to help you establish your game’s visual identity.

Background- logo design, video and gaming

So video games are extremely popular with the online community and logos are really important in promoting game sales. Logos help to define your game in several ways: they help your audience remember your game, they help define the type of game, and help users relate to your game better by reflecting the kind of game it is.

In this context of the enormous popularity of gaming across the world, it comes as no surprise that the world’s most subscribed You-Tuber is a gamer called PewDiePie with an astonishing 867 million subscribers! PewDiePie rose to fame by recording videos of himself playing various games with his own brand of humorous commentary included. That’s no joke.

Check out this post for this and other examples:

Now let’s look at some factors to consider in order to design a legendary game logo:

  • Colour
    • Does the color choice represent the values of the game? Red might depict bloodshed or excitement, for example.
  • Style
    • Is your game set in a modern era, futuristic science fiction or perhaps a past time period? Depending on the era, you can adjust the look and font to reflect that.
  • Target audience
    • Is your audience male or female, under or over 18? An older audience would warrant a more mature or sophisticated look, while a predominantly male audience might justify a more masculine style.
  • Slogan
    • A logo will often be combined with a textual slogan that describes the game in question and helps capture the essence of the game.
  • Game play format
    • Is the game a first person shooter or a strategy or a racer game or simulation? A racer might have a logo depicting speed and movement. A shooter might have a logo depicting a target, weapon or enemy.

Here is one example of a logo that depicts some of the design features discussed: 

Mortal Kombat is one of the most iconic video games of all time. The logo included above for Mortal Kombat 10 is a simple black and white version. Here are some elements that make this work:

  • The dragon is a classic symbol of strength and adversarial engagement tying into the combat theme. This is quite a masculine style reflecting the predominantly male users.
  • The black and white, combined with the circle, is reminiscent of the eastern ying/yang notion of the battle between good and evil.
  • The text uses square capitals to emphasize the game name as the title of a high-profile tournament. The pointed edges of the text (known as serifs) create a sense of urgency, pointedness and danger- brilliantly reinforcing a combat format of game play.
  • Bound By Flame is a game which has the slogan “Fight your inner demon or become its burning sword”. This works well because it personalizes the battle element of the and contrasts two alternate and visceral versions of the game play.
  • Silent Hill: Downpour is a game with the slogan “Let’s Get Wet”. That tragically ranks as one of the worst slogans ever. Not only is it a poor attempt at a pun by playing on the rain/moisture theme, but it dampens any excitement.

To make your own professional logo in minutes using a software that requires no design skills, you can log onto Renderforest Logo Maker. This platform is online so requires no download or installation and zero learning curve. The design work is handled by the AI and machine learning interface that quickly and easily profiles your game using a written description of your product and associations. It instantly generates a variety of logo image and text options. You can choose your preferred option, add a slogan, and further customize it from there using different color and font combinations. Once done, simply download and publish the logo onto your game media to make it stand out.

So now that we’ve looked at the huge role that branding and logo design plays in video gaming, you might start to look at the logos of current video games with a new appreciation. You might even want to start designing your own. But when you do, remember to have fun because even though graphic design isn’t child’s play, companies like make it easy enough for a child to design their own logo.

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Author Bio:

Roman Daneghyan is Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, specializing in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.