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The Evolution of Casino Titles: How Casitabi Successfully Combines Elements of Video Games with Gambling

As traditional as it may be, there’s only so many rounds of blackjack and roulette you can play before you start wondering if that’s all there is to the whole experience. Well, yes and no – it all depends on the kind of games you choose to devote your playing time to. This is where Casitabi, カジ旅 in Japanese, takes the crown of introducing a breath of fresh air by combining the best of both worlds: casino and video games.

A game within a game

Wait, what? Yes, that’s correct: Casitabi has a way of tying it all together by having you play a game even when you’re technically not. Instead of calling it the “VIP program”, it’s presented as an adventure in which your character is squaring off against bosses. Now that’s as far from boring as it gets. It’s much more than that; in the journey that awaits, you can also complete numerous challenges that lead to you collecting epic rewards.

The story follows every bet you make

Choose a game within the casino and place a bet of $0.20 and up. This will make you progress through the story on its own. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s all you have to do to prevail against the bad guys. In fact, to defeat the bosses, you’ll have to utilize several in-game mechanics. It’s the only way to turn the tide, so forget about playing on auto-pilot. In the end, your victory will be rewarded and the game will shower you with prize bags. Open them, and you’ll find rubies, deposit bonuses, free spins…


Roughly speaking, a ruby is an equivalent of $93 in bets placed and it lets you unlock free spins on demand. You gradually unlock them by placing one of the 1000+ games Casitabi casino offers. And these are no ordinary casino games either; featuring industry-grade developers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, and similar, you’ll be able to indulge in slots, table games, and even live casino games. In concrete numbers, Casitabi has in excess of 70 different ones to choose from.

The main idea is gamification

Fans of the Japanese anime culture will find the casino’s animations hitting close to home. Meshing this type of animation with gamification, the players will feel like they’re part of an adventure that takes on a whole new dimension as you progress through the anime-like story. In essence, this is what makes gathering bonuses feel much grander, since it’s weaved into the storyline itself. It’s what online casinos should have thought of a decade ago.

Thirsting for lightning-fast action? Introducing Blitz mode!

Imagine having the ability to play slots 6 times faster than what is the norm. It’s the kind of pace that’s packed full of action that will keep you on your toes until the very end. This is how video games tend to approach the matter; in practice, it makes you feel more involved as opposed to feeling like a distant observer. It’s mesmerizing what can be achieved by tweaking such a seemingly basic concept. In this case, it’s more like a cherry on top.


Casitabi is a great example of showcasing what can be achieved by merging the best of what the gaming and casino worlds can offer. But there’s no way that words alone can do it justice – it’s something you have to experience for yourself, especially if you’re a fan of anime.