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Geometry Dash: Meltdown – What to Look for in the Game

In our experience, a game has never made us lose our cool. But as we played the game, we really really tried to stay calm, and justenjoy the game. We kept wondering how can you do that when you can feel the frustration in all of the parts of your body. We came to the honest conclusion: the geometry dash series was made to provoke rage to the player. Just look at the title, that “meltdown” says it all.

When you need a little help

If you want to have some fun for yourself, there are many videos on YouTube, the walkthrough kind of videos, with people playing this game. As the video rolls, you’ll slowly see the frustration on the face of the gamers. Just priceless. But it should give you a push from behind and you should easily understand how the game works.

You’ll experience radical mood changes

This series is famous due to the fact that players control a little, frequently square, hero over a 2D obstruction path. You’ll lose in the event that you get in contact with any obstacle and then you must begin the whole level once again once more. And then you’ll see that you have to do it again. And then again. And then you’ll understand all the frustration from your mind. You’ll decide that you want to continue. And this is how you realize you spend so many hours together with the game. It happened to us – but to regrets. z

As basic as the whole idea of the game sounds, players really put resources into their advance in the game. We all know how easy it is to lose out cool once we do a silly mistake.

This is the place the infamous anger makes its appearance and is the thing that this game is best known for. Effectively finishing a level is construct totally with respect to the player’s way of playing and his skills. If you really want to make your life easier, watching videos, the walkthroughs one, might come in handy.

Meltdown vs. previous games: which one is better?

What makes the difference in the comparison between Meltdown and past games is its new levels, and colors, which come with neon nuances, and the astounding soundtrack. It’s worth mentioning that the visual and the music of the game work perfectly in harmony and change as the player advances through each level.

Speaking of levels..

….every level gives the player new components, for example, areas that make the player fly a rocket and toss the gravity of the game.  Some levels come up with sparkling stages on the ground that will make the player to consequently jump when getting in contact with it. Let’s not forget the jump rings, which are lifted circles that enable the player to double jump. Also, there’s some sort of abrupt challenge in the placement of the two items, that’s probably going to lead you to failure more times than it would to success.