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Fantasy Sports and Their Popularity in India

A fantasy sport is an online version of a real-world sport in which you can participate by selecting your dream team from among teams playing a match in the real world. You select your favorite and best-performing players on your team and your team competes with other users’ teams while real teams play against each other on the ground. The players on your team score points for the team on the basis of their performance in the actual match on the ground. You can play fantasy sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi on your smartphone using apps. You can play fantasy sports for both cash and free. Playing cash games gives you an opportunity to win big real money.

Popularity of Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy sports have become very popular in India and their popularity is increasing day by day. Not only fantasy cricket but fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi are also gaining popularity, especially because of leagues like the IPL, Pro Kabaddi League and various football leagues. Cricket being Indians’ most favorite game and with cricket tournament being played throughout the year, fantasy cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in the country.

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Betting vs. Fantasy Sports

In India, betting is illegal, but you can play fantasy sports for both cash and free. According to the Indian law, a fantasy sport is considered as a game of skill. A player playing a fantasy sport needs to use their knowledge of the game and gaming skills. They need to select players and form their own virtual team. The team that earned the highest points in a contest wins. Players can also invite their friends to fantasy sports platforms and enjoy playing sports virtually together.

How to Play Fantasy Sports

All you need to play fantasy sports is a smartphone/desktop and an internet connection. Here is how you can play fantasy sports on your mobile.

Download a fantasy sports app: First of all, download a onto your mobile phone and install it. Then register with the app or play by linking your Facebook/Google account with the app. 

Select a match: Once you have installed a fantasy sports app, it provides you with regular updates of schedules of upcoming matches. Select a match you want to play.

Create a team: Once you selected a match, you need to create your own team choosing the best performing players. Check out the scoring system on the app before selecting your team. Also check out the performance of the players in the recent past. That will help you select players who are in their best form.

Simple scoring system: Once you know the rules of scoring points, you are good to go. The scoring system is easy and you need not waste time in calculation of points that your players score as these apps do it for you. Just watch the game or follow the score to enjoy the thrill.

Referral system: You can invite your family and friends through the app. If your invitation is accepted and your friend joins the game, both you and your friend get some bonus that you can use to play cash games and win real money.

Cash prizes: You can win huge cash prizes by playing fantasy sports with a small entry fee. This is one of the reasons fantasy sports are becoming more popular by the day. It is a productive way to spend your time. You can use your knowledge of the sports to make easy money. To sharpen your gaming skills and become an expert, you can always check out fantasy sports / fantasy cricket tips and tricks along with the best strategies.

So, are you excited to play and win cash? Fantasy sports matches are very easy to get started with, especially for cricket-loving Indians. Just select a game and a team of your choice and start playing on your mobile no matter where you are. It’s the smartest way to enjoy something you love and win cash while doing that!