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Everything You Should Know About Virtual Betting

Sports betting is gaining more popularity as more states in the US and more countries are starting to regulate it. It’s easy to understand why so many people are starting to show interest in this activity. Betting is a great way to enjoy sports events like the EPL, the IPL, the NBA, and many more. It adds excitement knowing that you could earn money from the outcome of a game.

However, nowadays, nothing is constant, especially during a pandemic. When the pandemic started, the sports industry was greatly affected that the betting industry was negatively impacted. With that, people started to find ways to satisfy their cravings for betting and many found a great and fun solution in virtual sports betting.

Virtual Cricket and Football Betting are becoming more popular and we can expect that more people will get into this if the biggest cricket and football leagues will have to suspend the tournaments again because of the pandemic. Take for example the Indian Premier League which is already suspended indefinitely.

What is Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are like fantasy sports. These are also inspired by real-life sports events but they only take place virtually. These are electronic games or simulations of sports events and they work with the help of a program or software with a set of rules.

Since this type of betting concerns virtual sports events, there is no need for bettors to wait for a long time to get results. An algorithm or software is used for the virtual sports event to conclude. The algorithm or program guarantees a fair result and this can’t be easily predicted nor manipulated.

What makes virtual sports interesting to many is how it could be reliant on real-life sports events. It also allows people to access a broader array of sports any time they want to. They could also complete bets without having to wait for a long time. It’s best for people who are into real-life sports, casinos, and video games.

Why People Are Showing More Interest in Virtual Sports Betting

And so, don’t confuse virtual sports betting with fantasy betting. Fantasy betting heavily relies on real-life events, stats, and matches. Virtual sports betting, however, has a life of its own. This is why it’s also somehow related to playing video games. Anyhow, here are some reasons why people are showing more interest in this.

Bet Round the Clock

There are now many bookies that offer virtual sports betting and the most common ones that people look for are cricket, football, horse, and greyhound virtual sports. What’s great about this is that you get to place bets any time of the day.

There are always matches available for you to wager on. If you want to bet on a virtual football match, you don’t need to wait for 90 whole minutes to get the results. You also don’t need to wait a whole week for your favorite team to be on the field again.

It Doesn’t Require Heavy Sports Knowledge

Interestingly, there are bettors out there who aren’t huge fans of sports. They are rather fans of betting or gambling. They only watch sports to know if their bets will win or lose. If you’re one of these people, then virtual sports could do you great.

When betting on real-life sports events, it is important that you know how the game works and you know the current stats and conditions an athlete or a team has. This means that a bit or a lot of research is necessary. Meanwhile, you don’t need to know a lot about the sports you’d like to wager on if you are betting on a virtual event. It’s basically like playing roulette, wherein you just really need to guess the outcome of an event.

It’s Safe and Fair

Let’s face it, fixed games still happen especially on small sports events and that could be harmful to bettors out there. This is something that won’t happen at any virtual sports events. No athlete or franchise could manipulate the result of a game. It all relies on a program or algorithm that is constantly checked for fair results.


Virtual sports betting is a great alternative for bettors who want to speed up the process of betting. It’s also great for bettors who aren’t really into sports. It’s a fun way to wager on a sporting event with today’s advanced technology. This is worth trying out and if you’re a cricket fan who’s sad about the suspension of the IPL, this may be a great solution if you miss placing bets on your favorite teams.