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Destiny 2’s Overload Champions are Arguably the Game’s Worst Feature

Since Destiny 2 has been around for nearly four years, it has a significant quantity of functions and algorithms that contribute to the experience that it is now. However still there are many features that players do not agree with or they don’t always match community expectations, but that’s because Destiny 2 is a constantly growing game with many moving parts. Champions have always been scrutinized since their appearance in the Shadowkeep expansion due to how severely they disrupt the gaming flow of routine tasks.

The mission-first gameplay that Destiny had translated into a highly competitive game where every player could create and earn their unique character. One of the most common features in competitive games is to dash away from an enemy at full speed and escape, but it would require hundreds of hours to build up the necessary skills or gear to enable a player to dash.

Destiny 2 raids immerse you in one of the most acceptable engaging PvE challenges. However, only the most experienced Guardians require assistance when navigating these situations. Destiny 2 raid carry refers to assisting other players in completing raids, obtaining specialized raid loot, and completing raid achievements and seals.

That is why Destiny 2 introduced champions intended to help players prepare for these situations. Having Champions meant that players didn’t have to spend time doing repetitive, boring activities to be able to flee enemies in a few seconds. It was also a new way of gaining skill points and leveling up your character through repetition, something the community despised since the beginning.

Overload Champions are frequently regarded as the worst of the three categories of Champions in Destiny 2, if not one of the worst elements in the game as a whole.

The reasons for this are numerous:

  • Overloads are frequently bugged,
  • They regain health even when stunned,
  • They may teleport about or deal outrageous damage,
  • They are the most difficult to block consistently, and
  • They have the poorest anti-Champion modifications overall.

They may easily cause any run, whether solo content or vital group tasks, to flop or become annoyingly protracted, and almsot no tweaks have been performed since Shadowkeep’s debut. What’s needed is a reconsideration of how to integrate these features into the core game. When this happens, it will likely be an evolution towards something more content-rich and engaging.

Destiny 2 has expanded so much that many people think that the game is different from what it once was at launch. The charm, mechanics, and sense of teamwork have been lost in favor of a watered-down version of an inferior game.

This only reinforces their opinion about how lousy overloading champions are; however, if players could experience Destiny 2 for what it was at launch, they would have recognized that there was much more to it than just Overloads.

The Reasons for Improvements

We believe that the developers of Destiny 2 need to improve at balancing Overload Champions, especially with their newest expansion: Shadowkeep.

With the release of this new expansion, overloading champions have been more useful than ever with their modified mechanics. We share our top 3 changes everyone would like to see in Destiny 2 regarding Overload Champions.

  • Anti-Overload modifications in Destiny 2 frequently activate at the first shot, with bows becoming an optimal weapon to destabilize these Champions, or they strike deep into the barrel.
  • Players have been able to exploit the stun mechanic with Champions since their release, and the developers need to improve upon how Overload Champions are blocked to avoid becoming “stuck.”
  • There needs to be a way for players to block Overload Champions after dashing. Currently, it is impossible to back-dash and stop at the same time. This is especially vital for melee players who cannot block after sprinting because players will become completely vulnerable when back-dashing and hoping for the best.


Since the release of Destiny, many players have come to regard it as a derivative and gimmicky learning environment for what is a far more complex, nuanced experience. The inclusion of Overload Champions and other features within Destiny 2 has been met with much criticism from many players who feel that it has reduced the quality and difficulty of their gaming experience.

While we have given some suggestions for how Destiny 2 can improve their Overload Champion system in Shadowkeep, we would still like to see them give us a few more months to see if those changes can affect the future of this game.