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Console Emulators

Do you want to schedule some nostalgia for today? Let’s bring you some.

Remember the times when a computer was a really rare possession? Way back then, when we were kids, computers seemed to be something that only an adult can understand and use. Now children usually have their first smartphone or tablet at the age of 5 or so. Anyways, before we were introduced to all the advantages computers have, we were playing games on simpler platforms, and we enjoyed it.

Childhood is a careless time every single person feels nostalgic about. And since games are such a big part of it, they carry a special taste of nostalgia. If you are ever about to throw a 90’s or 80’s party, playing some Nintendo or Game boy would be great, wouldn’t it?

No need to rush to the flea market looking for an old console. You can use your own computer or laptop to play your childhood favorites.

There’s a thing called Emulator. It makes your computer work as a specific console when the application is launched. Yes, Mario bros right at your lap. Just like when you were a kid, but better. If Mario wasn’t your favorite, you could choose basically anything else to suit your taste. You can download roms at Romsplanet to browse what’s good. They have a great selection of emulators and ROMs themselves.

How to work with the console emulator

The game console emulator is a software shell that emulates the operation of the device hardware. Developing an emulator is not so easy – it requires both programming experience and knowledge of accurate information about the operating principles of the original device. Most emulators can be divided into two groups, including “simple” and “compound” programs. Many emulators provide even more functionality than older consoles (for example, saving in games for Dendy and Sega).

What do you need to turn your computer into a console?

Besides the emulator itself, we need game ROMs. ROMs are available on the Internet. The number of ROMs for Sega or PlayStation reaches many hundreds. Now you can find images of even very rare games that were previously difficult to get in the store.

A ROM acts as the video game cartridge for the emulator, which acts as the console.

What kind of consoles can be emulated?

Basically, everything is possible to emulate. You can turn your computer into

  • Nintendo
  • Super Nintendo
  • PlayStation
  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Color
  • Sega
  • PlayStation Portable

And many others. Everyone can find something they’ve been missing.

The gaming industry is experiencing a period when HD remakes of old games come out too often, and their performance quality is too different for the gamers. Emulators with well-chosen settings that increase resolution, etc., sometimes look more profitable.

Bring back the joy

So, it’s worth saying that today it has become much easier to dive into the world of retro games thanks to the advent of new ones and the modernization of old software emulators. Now it allows users to fill in the gaps in their gaming experience much more comfortably or take a trip down the memory lane to the times of their youth or childhood.

Moreover, in the era of emulators, we can go through old games with less effort, because emulators allow us to save game progress whenever we want to. Besides, today there are huge databases of cheat codes for games of all kinds, so you can make games a part of effortless entertainment on a theme party or friends gathering.

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