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Best Wireless Razer Gaming Mouse

Razer is the leading provider of gaming mice, coming with cutting-edge technologies and upgraded features that add precision, speed and control to your performance. offers a large variety of mice, including: wireless and wired that bring your gaming style to a whole new level. If you are interested in wireless mice, Razer Viper Ultimate is here to give you the best wireless gaming experience, being the culmination of Razer’s engineers’ ingenuity and creativity, coming with an eye-catching and aggressive design complemented by advanced tech features that turn even an amateur into a top-tier gamer. Here are the advantages that make this wireless mouse stand out from the pack.

1. Lightning-fast switching

The mouse offers an impressive wireless transmission speed that helps you perform multiple actions in a shorter time, allowing you to be always one step ahead of your competitors. The hyperspeed switching technology handles hundreds of clicks in just a few seconds, translating your each command in the game environment. Even if you fight an invincible boss and have to shoot with insane frequency to bring him down, the mouse will turn your each click into a precise shot. Moreover, the mouse doesn’t require physical contact while clicking, which prevents debounce delay and helps reduce the time between shots and other repeated actions.

2. Stunning sensitivity

If you choose Razer Viper Ultimate, you will enjoy a high-control sensitivity that tracks each movement and translates its pattern identically onto the screen. A stunning 20.000 DPI allows to capture each inch left or right, ensuring that all microscopic moves are noticed, processed, and integrated in the game immediately with absolute precision. This allows you to set the target with deadly accuracy, identify enemies in disguise without much effort, and inspect the area in detail finding hard-to-notice treasures, weapons and other important hints that are crucial in passing a level.

3. Durable battery

In spite of being wireless, you don’t have to worry about having to charge the device over and over again. You can play up to 70 hours without thinking about charging. The battery is durable and proves exceptional resistance to gaming environments that are heavily saturated with data.

4. Multiple customizable buttons

The mouse tends to bring everything at your fingertip. You don’t have to enter settings on the laptop and make adjustments using lots of clicks. Razer Viper Ultimate is equipped with 8 configurable buttons that help you adjust the switching speed, sensitivity and other mouse performance features in no time. In this, way you can make your mouse more or less responsive on the fly, without having to press the pause button, amidst the captivating gaming process.

5. Ergonomic design

The best wireless razer gaming mouse has a fully ergonomic design for comfortable and hassle-free use. The streamlined shape imitates to the smallest detail the curves of a human’s palm, ensuring that you get a firm grip and don’t feel discomfort after some hours of playing. On both sides come rubber pads with a grippy surface that denies slips while your hand gets sweaty, allowing for complete control and precise headshots. You can check out the wireless mouse here.