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A Guide To Online Roulette For Beginners

Roulette is something that has successfully drawn people into casinos for many years, and it continues to do so with online casinos. The combination of luck and a certain level of strategy entices many players and encourages them to play a few rounds of roulette. 

The wheel based game continues to be one of the most popular casino games out there, even as a big part of many online casinos. These are some ways that you can make the most out of your online roulette experience, and what type of games you can begin placing your bets on. 

Know The Wheel

Like many popular online versions of classic Casino Games, roulette can be seen in two variants. This comes from the fact that the game was played in European casinos and American ones alike. Many online casinos recognize this, and it is worth comparing the two wheels that are used, even when you are playing roulette online. 

It is worth looking for online roulette games which use the European wheel. This is because they have slightly higher odds, thanks to 37 slots rather than 38 which are seen on American wheels. On average, the lower number of slots increased the likelihood of your bets and predictions coming true. 

However, it is also worth noting that wheels with more slots typically have higher payouts at the end. Although, this is usually because it is more challenging to achieve as the chances of your prediction being right are lower. 

Use Beginner Bonuses

Beginner players are normally presented with more bonuses when they visit online casinos for the first time. These can be used to your advantage, particularly if you want to practice the basics without losing a high amount of money. 

Try and compare the different bonuses and think about how you will use them to your advantage. They can be ideal for beginners who want to experiment with different approaches as points and rewards can normally be used as wagers rather than using your own money at the start. 

It is definitely worth using these points, rewards, and bonuses to your advantage because they can allow you to work on your basic knowledge over time without losing money on wagers. Make sure that you are using an online casino platform to your advantage with the selection of beginner bonuses available. 

Start Off Simple

Another thing to consider when you are starting to play online roulette as a beginner is to start off simple. This means focusing on the basics and building your way up as your knowledge, mental agility, and confidence increase. Try and take part in live casino platforms where you can watch and even interact with more experienced players.

Asking for advice or details about particular approaches and recommended platforms to play roulette online can allow you to learn from common mistakes without falling into those traps. Focus on simple games which are free or require a very low wager that can be paid with your bonus or reward points at the start.  

Focus On Outside Bets

Roulette is all about anticipating the slot that the ball will land on, what number or color it will be. Players can be as specific or vague as they want depending on their confidence, the amount they are willing to bet, and the behavior of the dealer. 

Try to focus on outside bets when you are beginning to play roulette online. These are bets that have a higher probability of winning, as the potential outcomes of these are usually 50/50. It is recommended that beginners place their bets on the colored slot, type of number, or range of numbers. 

Place some of your first bets on the ball landing in a red or black slot, if the number is odd or even, or what type of range the number falls within, for example 1-15. This allows you to feel the tense atmosphere of the game without losing a higher amount of money. 

Outside bets usually have lower payouts, but it is definitely worth focusing on these at first until you feel more prepared to be a little more bold. 

Bet On Seventeen

Statistically, this is the number which the ball lands on the most during a game of roulette. While this could be due to chance and other factors, it could be worth placing a bet on this number once you are ready to work your way towards more challenging games. 

If you want to be a little more vague, it could be worth betting on number slots 15-20, or even 10-20 until you feel more confident. 

Set Boundaries

Finally, it’s critical that you know when to walk away from the roulette wheel. Because the world of online casinos is a little different to the traditional bricks and mortar casinos, there are different ways that you can become immersed in a game of roulette. 

Once you have secured a payout, it is worth remembering that you should not try and push your luck a little further. This is a common mistake that is made by more experienced and beginner players alike. 


There are many exciting features of the online casino industry that make roulette fun and enjoyable to play. Not only that, but it is immersive and highly entertaining. Make sure you are working on your skills and attempting to generate higher payouts over time when you play online roulette.