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7 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Gaming Desk

The primary reason why most gamers purchase gaming desks is for their comfort and size. Unfortunately, a large number of people still look at investing in one with second thoughts, preferring to purchase the regular office desk instead. Similarly, another group of gamers has no idea that a gaming desk will truly change their gaming experience, so they choose to ignore investing in them.

What they are missing is the fact that with a modest budget, you could harness and enjoy an unimaginable number of benefits by incorporating a gaming table into your gaming station. All you need to do is follow these 7 tips and you will find the perfect gaming desk that will be the perfect fit for your gaming environment and sort out your individual gaming needs effectively.

Strength and Durability

It is a fact that everyone around the world seeks to own products that would last forever and this goes for gaming tables too. The strongest gaming tables have been proven to safely and securely accommodate multiple gaming equipment without breaking apart and they have proven to stand the test of time even after the rough handling that is common in any gaming station. The materials used in the manufacture of these tables must be strong, sturdy and durable, but should also offer comfort during gameplay.

The most common materials used in these tables include wood, steel, PVC and glass, which are strong and durable if used correctly. The quality of construction should also be reliable and any table with flimsy or weak connections should be out of the race. The best gaming desk should be strong, sturdy and long lasting. You need to carefully consider additional factors to get strong and very nice PC gaming desks, which you can find here.

Desk Size

Most people purchase gaming desks for better placement of their gaming devices rather than having them lie aimlessly on the floor due to lack of ample space. This means that if you are planning to invest in a gaming table, then you should ensure that it is big enough to accommodate your gaming equipment while allowing sufficient room for movement of your arms during gameplay.

Getting a desk with keyboard tray will also save you more space and a sliding tray for your mouse is recommended. Another important factor to consider when choosing the size of your gaming desk is whether you will be using multiple monitors. If this is the case, then you will need a larger desk to accommodate all the screens and still provide enough space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.
The worktop should offer enough space and if additional space is needed for the keyboards and controllers, then you may consider a gaming table that comes with retractable trays for your keyboard and controller. The size of the desk should also fit perfectly into your gaming station leaving enough room for your seats and other décor or equipment. To avoid the frustration of getting a table that won’t fit into your gaming room, it is advisable to measure the space you need it placed onto using a tape measure and use these measurements in picking the right size of gaming table.

The height of the desk is also another important factor to consider whether you prefer gaming while seated or standing. The best gaming desk should be high enough to allow for an upright posture with the monitors positioned within the gamer’s normal eye view and his legs folded at 90 degrees. This ensures proper posture especially for PC gamers, thus reduced incidences of eyestrain, neck, shoulder and back pain as well as improving the gamer’s comfort and general well-being. It is best to find a gaming table with adjustable height.

Storage Options

Most gamers invest in high quality gaming tables for the reason of being able to store any gaming equipment that are not in use at that moment. Creative storage options that include customized drawers and shelves have taken over the gaming table design industry and with the best model, you will have ample space to store your gaming consoles, speakers, controllers, extra cables, battery packs, headsets, graphic gaming tablets and paperwork, just to name a few.

When it comes to keyboards and controllers that you may need to use from time to time, most tables will provide dedicated holders for them, particularly with slide-out designs. Headsets can also be placed on their holders that may be under or on top of the table depending on your personal liking. Cable management is also another storage feature that should be considered if your gaming devices are wired to each other, as it prevents the messy cables from resulting into an untidy and possibly hazardous gaming environment.

Shape and Design

The most common designs for gaming desks include the corner, standing, folding, laptop lap, L-shaped and U-shaped gaming desks. All these designs are intended for different placement options and the space available in the gaming room. For instance, the L-shaped or corner gaming desks will work perfectly in constrained spaces with a dedicated corner for the desk. On the other hand, the U-shaped design or other rectangular desks are great for placement along a wall. Standing desks suit those who love gaming while standing, while the laptop lap desk is great for those who enjoy gaming on their laptops. Finally, the foldable design is perfect for gamers that have very little setup and storage space, thus opt for moveable gaming stations that can be set up for game sessions and dismantled and put away once you are done.

Ergonomics and Aesthetics

The ergonomics and beauty of a gaming table is what makes it very different from the ordinary office table. Each feature incorporated into the design of a gaming desk has a specific purpose ranging from storage, setup of gaming devices, management of cables to aesthetics. If you don’t want to go for a simple gaming desk, then you need to look out for ergonomic designs that come with slide-out keyboard holders, speaker trays, cup holders, headset holders, monitor mounts and dedicated inbuilt mouse pads just to mention a few. These ergonomic and aesthetic features will give you easier accessibility to different gaming equipment, a cleaner gaming environment and better organization, which is paramount to enhanced performance.

Ease of Assembly

Just like any other furniture, most gaming tables present a big issue in terms of assembly. However, a sizeable number of manufacturers have started coming up with creative designs that reduce the time and effort of assembling the gaming desk. Some of them include minimizing the parts to be put together, foldable designs that simply stretch and lock to create stronger connections and better explained user manuals. If you consider setting up a gaming table an unnecessary requirement, then you may have to go for a smaller table that requires less assemblage or invest in an easy to assemble design. Alternatively, some gaming accessory stores offer free transportation and setup, so be sure to ask about this option. Even if it is payable, it may be cheaper than you even imagined, so let the expert do the job while you relax.


Gaming desks come in a wide range of prices, which suffices every budget’s capability to get you your dream gaming table. The most expensive gaming tables cost above $1000, the mid-range models between $200 and $1000, while the low-end designs go for below $200. Each of these desks vary in terms of features, design, size and materials, and you must ensure a proper balance of functionality, strength, durability, satisfaction of your gaming needs and your budget, for your investment to yield the highest returns-not necessarily monetary returns. No matter what your budget is, the gaming table you invest in should offer comfort, ease of use and satisfaction.

Reasons to Invest in the Best Gaming Table

Are you still having doubts about investing in a gaming desk? Well, there are enough proven reasons why any gamer should invest in one, so let go off your hesitation. First, you get a working surface that is sufficient for placement of your gaming devices and movement of your arms, a more concentrated workspace that allows you easier access to important gaming devices without a sweat, increased storage options for unused devices, increased versatility and finally, it promotes better posture unlike gaming with a laptop on your laps. With the correct gaming desk at your game station, there is no doubt that your gameplay will be more comfortable, enjoyable and worthwhile. It just takes a willingness to research, put some money into it and bring it home, and your performance may just improve in surges, then you could actually be the next big thing in the gaming industry. All the best.