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5 Best Online Gaming Platforms To Win Real Money

Playing For Money

Games have been the ultimate source of repelling boredom for people. Be it the traditional board games, superseded very smoothly by computer games followed by the PlayStations and Xboxes and now even the mobile games, all have had a special place in our lives whenever we have searched for ways to overcome our boredom and pass our time. But what if these games which we play, that engage us in one way or the other happen to be a source of income as well?

Yes, it is quite possible in today’s times that while playing games on your mobile or your computer, you end up earning money and not just a small amount, but minting a good fortune of money is also possible. These games, where the gamer can expect to earn money as well, are completely legal these days and have been proven to be useful for the gamers time and again.

The main questions and the doubts over these online games that enable you to earn money remain to be that, which are the safest platforms to play such games and which are the ones that have a proven record of giving money when the user wins. In this article, let us take a look at the topmost online games which have helped the users to win money and are now as popular as any other game in the world.


Dream 11 is an unorthodox game in the category of these online games, which has helped gamers in earning a good amount of money. Dream 11 is meant for those people who have a keen interest in sports like cricket, kabaddi, football, etc. And know about these games as well. The people who have been following these games only on television till now are liking this game a lot.

With Dream 11, you need to choose the teams that are going to play a live match on that day. The maximum number of players, which you choose rightly and who can perform as per your prediction, will be judged for the reward. If you can pick and choose the maximum number of correct performers, then you end up winning the game, and ultimately, money is credited into your account.

2. BaaziNow

BaaziNow is a game that is based on knowledge and information. It is a very good method of testing your knowledge, enhancing it, and even increasing your bank balance to some extent. The users have to answer quiz and questions regarding general awareness. The maximum number of answers that you give and the number of competitions that you can complete will decide the amount of money, which you will end up winning. This game is gaining popularity among students and is a highly installed game on the Google Play Store.

3. Play&Win

Play&Win is among the topmost games worldwide, particularly in the United Kingdom, which is being played by gamers to earn money through simple games. These simple games include the likes of Ludo, Yay, Power, etc. Among others.

The game has a record of providing money to the winners in pounds and is a popular game among the people in the United Kingdom. It has a casual gameplay mode available where you can start a game any time you like, or otherwise, you can even play tournaments through the game, and if you win, then the reward is also higher.

4. Online Casinos

Online Casinos and poker games are surely one of those online games which most of us know about and for whom we have seen many advertisements online. The extensive advertisements of these games on various online platforms suggest the popularity of these games and the fact that the money which can be made out of these is also real. These games can be collectively offered by single platforms like Adda 52 existing in Asia.

These games can be of different variations such as Texas Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple, Rummy, among other games. Apart from these traditional poker and casino games, there are also newer versions available, which are adding to the interest of the gamers for these games. These include card games such as Baccarat.

Baccarat is a very interesting card game, which has easy instructions such that it can be played by any person willing to do so. You can learn how to play Baccarat and get started towards your way of earning money. Cards having the number 10 and the face cards have no value, while zero is considered as bad, and nine is considered the best. The game has easy instructions that can be read online as well.

Baccarat has also gained popularity among gamers, and the money which can be earned once you win the game is also good enough to attract more players to the game. It has single-player as well as multiplayer options where you can go in for a casual gameplay mode or can start a tournament. If you want to play the game with your friends, then 2 to 8 players can play the game at a time.

Wealth Words

Wealth Words is also a very popular, intellectual game, which is based on the traditional crossword pattern of gaming. Earlier, the crosswords which appeared in the newspapers and journals were solved very intriguingly by the people. Nowadays, the same old crossword is available on this mobile game, and it is being played by the people very extensively.

But, the key feature of this game is not just the idea of matching words and completing the crossword, but it is the fact that the completion of the crossword in every match that you play on this gaming app allows you to earn money. It is a very good way of earning money whenever you are feeling bored because it also caters to the need of doing some intellectual tasks, something that should be done by all of us.

You need to put your knowledge into play, and you can end up earning money. The highest amount of money, which has been earned through Wealth Words, is around three thousand dollars, which is a lot when you are only playing a game for the sake of earning.