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3 Tips for Better Email Marketing

Almost every company and service that you use will have some form of an email marketing campaign, which means that our inboxes are often flooded with promotional emails, targeted sales blasts and other email communications from companies. A good email marketing strategy will increase not only how many people read and interact with your email communications, but how many end up increasing your sales or subscriptions to your services. Creating effective email marketing campaigns can be challenging because it requires you to stand out in a crowd, so we’ve compiled our top three tips for you.

Build and Verify Your Subscriber List

The first and probably the most important from a business point of view is to grow your subscriber list so your messages are getting sent to as many people as possible. This doesn’t mean adding email addresses to it at random, but rather having campaigns in place that will increase email signups for your mailing lists. A high-quality subscriber is worth many more random subscribers in your potential impact and sell-through to the recipients.

It’s also important to verify the integrity of your subscriber list occasionally since you’re likely being charged per email sent, so if you’re sending superfluous emails or emails that aren’t being delivered, you’re driving the cost of your marketing campaign up unnecessarily.

It’s All About the Subject

The very first thing recipients of your email marketing campaign emails will receive is the subject. It should be catchy and appeal enough to make them open the email and read more of it. Adding a touch of personality to your email subjects can help too – show your recipients who your company is and what they can expect from your email in one quick sentence. It won’t hurt adding their name into the subject too if you can so that the experience feels more personalized.

The copywriting in your email body can be amazing, but if your subject doesn’t capture attention, it might never even get seen.

Design Your Email for Easy Reading

The design of your email is incredibly important for several reasons. You should be comfortable with your bulk mail provider’s editor, so perhaps try out a few – particularly MailerLite vs. Mailchimp. You can compare the pros and cons of these on the PieSync website too; this is an easy way to get an advanced look at which may be best for your business.

The first thing to remember and to consider when you do design your emails is that your customers will be receiving and reading them on any number of different devices. Your email should be just as readable on a mobile phone as it is on a computer. If your text is cut off or only half your images can be seen, you’re going to lose people’s attention quickly.

You should also increase readability by incorporating bullet points and short, easy to read sentences in the body of your emails. Include photos and images but don’t overwhelm your email with them. If the email software your reader is using blocks them, your email still needs to make sense without them.

There are so many things you can do to improve your promotional and bulk emails and the things we list here are only the tip of the iceberg. Always keep aiming to improve your emailers for the best results.