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The Best Online Sports Games Of 2015

In recent years our gaming habits have been revolutionised by the sheer breadth of different formats that are available.

But whether you’re playing on a console or online, the key gaming concepts remain the same. And this is especially so when playing sporting games online where games must be enjoyable, simple and highly playable. So here are the best online sporting games that are available in 2015.

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

Although the FIFA organisation may have had a tumultuous year in 2015, the FIFA gaming franchise as run by Electronic Arts has gone from strength to strength.

And FIFA 15: Ultimate Team offers a great football manager simulation as you get to build your dream team and watch them compete in a range of season and competition matches. As the game is officially endorsed by FIFA there are thousands of real players to choose from, as well as a range of customisable features such as kit choice, formations, and playing styles to keep even the most ardent football fan entertained for months!

Flick Nations Rugby


Rugby has suffered in comparison to other sports when it comes to the variety of gaming options that are available. This could be seen as a result of many major software publishers being American and therefore not as interested in the sport.

But with the Rugby World Cup approaching and getting more coverage on a variety of sites such as Coral, mobile gaming developers have been able to create small but perfectly formed games like Flick Nations Rugby.

This simple game for iOS and Android devices is based on the concept of using a flicking motion upon the touchscreen to make conversions. And whilst it is easy enough for even the most novice of gamers to get to grips with, it soon becomes fiendishly difficult as you progress through the game as your distance from the uprights increases, and the wind variance factor kicks in.

Madden NFL Mobile

And finally, one of the hardest games to simulate on a mobile device must be American football. However, the arrival of Madden NFL Mobile has proved that anything is possible with this fantastically detailed and playable game.

This allows the player to compete in a range of modes from seasons to leagues, and combines an array of in-depth tactical playing styles and a digital trading card system to enable you to gather an all-star team.

The graphical elements of the game are surprisingly well adapted to the smaller screen, and best of all, the highly realistic gameplay is fully responsive to the player’s playbook choices in a way that allows for endless hours of American football entertainment in the palm of your hand.