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Is it Practical To Game With A HD Projector?

Gaming has become an integral part of many people’s worlds: in fact, gaming is a big part of the entertainment for very many people. This is not reduced to teenagers and children only but has transcended the age gap to cross over to adults as well. One of the most important parts about gaming is the display. It cannot be ignored as it influences the experience that you have while gaming. The rule is that a bigger screen is best. It is therefore not uncommon to see people using projectors for their gaming needs.

Why Use a Projector for Gaming?

The rather obvious reason that people opt for projectors is that they are huge. One of the main ideas of gaming is to transport you into the game so you can feel like you are actually taking part. What better way to do this than to get a huge screen that fills the room making it feel real? HD projectors are best suited for the job. The only downside is that they tend to concentrate on the quality of the image, which may distort the color so that it does not look as authentic. But, who cares about the authenticity of color when you are traveling through intergalactic wars to save the day or rid your city of zombies?

However, there are various factors that you might have to consider before getting an HD projector for gaming. These include:

Size and Lighting of the Room

You would think that the size of a room would matter. It does not matter. There are short-throw projectors that work well for smaller rooms. However, the lighting in a room does matter. Projectors work in rooms with a low light ambiance. There are HD projectors that have very powerful light lamps but these still do not give the desired clarity if the room does not have low light.

Structure of the Room

Installation of the projector matters a lot. The best option is to permanently fix it on the ceiling or on the side of a wall away from traffic. This also makes it easy to maintain and durable. However, there are rooms that are not structured in a way to make this possible so one has to look for other options. If the room is not conducive for installation of a projector then maybe you should reconsider using one and just get a screen.


The good thing with HD projectors is that you do not have to get a specialized screen. You can use any plain white wall and it will work as well. if you are looking for a dramatic effect or do not have a white wall to project the image onto, then you will have to spend extra to get a screen on top of buying the projector.

Great HD Gaming Projectors

Projectors are now popular tools for those who game. There are different projectors that are great for gaming and double up for other forms of entertainment such as watching movies. Some of the great HD gaming projectors include:

 hd projector for gaming

Sony VPL-VW300ES

This projector has a 4096 by 2160 resolution and 1,500 lumens. It has impressive color regardless of the light conditions in the room.  It exemplifies the features that any gamer would want on a projector. To top it all off, the Sony projector is easy to install.

BenQ W1070+

This projector works well even in daylight and has Full HD resolution at 1920 by 1080. The BenQ projector is an entry level machine but is also high quality and impressive. It also has the value factor because of its affordability.

Is it Practical to use a Projector for Gaming?

This all depends on your evaluation of the mentioned factors. If you have a small space that has low light conditions then it is practical. If you also have a well defined space, it would be practical to use a projector for gaming. You however also need to have the money needed to make the purchase. On the other hand, it may not be as practical if you have no white walls to project onto, no money to make the purchase and have a space that is not so defined providing no surface to install the projector. In this case, you might have to reconsider and pick up a decent monitor instead.

There are added advantages if you do get a projector:

  • It can be used for watching movies and other videos that need a screen. This makes it easier for everyone to watch the movie if you have many guests over. It is not the same as using a screen.
  • It will be a valued purchase that will be spread across all the years that you get to use it. Projectors are durable when taken care of. If you get a HD projector that has great features, you will not need to upgrade anytime soon. This is unlike television screens.

In conclusion, the practicability of using a HD projector for gaming varies depending on the factors mentioned above.

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Ephantus Muhia is a contributor for The Monitor Monitor, where you can find monitor reviews and computer tips.