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MonTowers – Legend of Summoners iPhone Game Review

If you got a thing for anime games and love dealing with monster, there is an amazing iOS game I would like to share named as – MonTowers – Legend of Summoners.

Just to let you know this game was Number 1 in Japan and Korea and is evaluated with highest stars with over 20k ratings worldwide & has over 500k players enjoying its awesome gameplay.

MonTowers – Legend of Summoners iPhone Game Review

The game is stuffed with powerful monsters with great abilities associated with each of them. You as a player have to summon the monster and collect your favorite ones to build your strength for upcoming battle.

There are crazy ass villains are across your way, where you can battle, conquer and build towers to spread your reign. All these anime style characters looks very outstanding on high-resolution retina display you get with your iPhone & iPad. The character designs, floors and arena are stunning as well as engaging and mainly resembles to Pokemon styled card gameplay.

If you have been playing any such style of game before, this will take your overall gameplay experiences to whole new levels thanks to vivid colors, sharp graphics and overall amazing work done with the visual structure. I am a big fan of anime cartoons, movies and games, which made it get in to MonTowers – Legend of Summoners very easily but even if you are a new user, there are enough guidelines to understand what is going where.

As I said, your monsters collection will help you to fight crappy and mighty rivals and let you take over the towers.  Choosing your monster with proper thinking will let you nail down strategy to win more with limited collection of monsters. You can explorer as much as 500 floors with various difficulties and designs, which becomes pretty challenging after initial few minutes of gameplay.

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The gameplay with iPad is pretty good but I personally liked it more on smaller screen size of iPhone, tough it would be totally your choice, because on both of them graphics were fluent and engaging as it should be. After trying the consistently for 3-4 days, I found it very entertaining & performance very properly without any lag or whatsoever.

As the full game setup is as long as 500 floors, you can make some in-app purchases that will add extra abilities and let you move ahead rapidly. But it is not a must, as you can earn them as well. Also via upgrade all monsters will have 3 costumes in total, so this will totally allow you to customize powers of them, which is amazingly worth add-on.

Overall, this game is true representation of what big and engaging anime style gameplays can get, and gives the best of both worlds for anime cartoon and game fans. I will highly recommend this game for everyone but I think it will be specially be loved by teenage to mature iPhone users.

Cost: Free (For Limited Time)

Ratings: 5/5

Download MonTowers – Legend of Summoners iPhone Game